#10 St Francis of the Rising Star


Surely we can find a way to bring him that doesn’t involve repeating a failed experiment?


Francis could come in 3rd tall rebound intercept defender, plus also spend a few minutes in the midfield if we need a big body thrown in there.
Wouldnt that be glorious to watch.


If they think his tank is the problem why are they not playing him on the ball in the VFL to improve this?


Do you remember how bad Hurley is as a forward. The guy himself even reckon’s he’s shithouse as a forward. How about just bring Francis in when there is a suitable vacancy rather than trying to engineer a spot for him. He’ll get there soon enough.


Probably because that is where they are developing midfielders at a guess.


And yet with Hurley as a forward we were a better team than any time in 15 years


He could legit be a combination of Hooker, Hurley and vintage Goddard if/when he comes good. Stupid high ceiling.

That game against WA in the u18’s was probably the second most dominate game I’ve seen at juniors, second to Daniher’s game under the roof mind you; both of them would have had 7+ goals if not for inaccuracy.

If he does not play against GC, we should add Windy Hill to our “Blitz Mob: Tour of Places That Need Some Burning”, right after Umpires HQ and Princess Park.


Can’t shake the feeling Worsfold is just providing lip service to supporters (by talking him up and listing him regularly as an emergency). The excuse of finding the utility player a position on field that best fits his skill set is just not believable (that’s why I get so frustrated with his rhetoric. He plays us as fools at times).

Citing Hurley and Goddard as reasons Francis is not playing is similarly confusing. When thinking of Goddard’s skill set, dominant intercept player doesn’t readily come to mind. There is a spot for Francis in defence. I just don’t think the coach “trusts” him enough to give him a game. If that were the case don’t list him as an emergency and give supporters false hope/expectation.


They could easily bring him in by giving Hurley a more accountable role as the 2nd KPD allowing Francis to occupy the 3rd Tall Intercepting role.

Only worry would then be, whether a defensive line up of Hooker, Hurley, Francis and Goddard could be exposed for athleticism especially if they believe Francis would blow up late in quarters


For this week I don’t think it is implausible that Dea comes in for Ambrose and the give Goddard a rest allowing Francis to assume his QB role.


They wont give goddard a rest. as much as I wish they would.


You would assume, barring injuries opening up a spot, at some point they will manufacture reason to give him a run. We’ve seen Ridley, we’ve seen Redman, so Francis would be the next cab off the rank. And I’d love to get a look this season.


Have you heard anything up there yet ?


With Stringer out and Lav & BBB injured that leaves Stewart or perhaps Goddard forward

Francis in


Or Green / Fantasia FF


Who cares if there is a specific role for him. We have already farked the season, let’s just get some development into him.


No brainer this week with Ambrose out. He’s in.

If the selectors reason they’ll need Hartley instead to match up on Brayden farking Crossley, I’ll spew.


No chance Hartley comes in. Wouldn’t be surprised if it’s Dea for Ambrose though. I won’t be getting my hopes up about Francis coming in.


So… do you count giving him any role… even one that doesn’t suit him or is in his future… ‘development’?
What exactly are you saying?


Every chance he does IMO.

Peter Wright is 203cm, and Crossley is 198cm & 102kegss!

Unless they want to try and play Francis for his first game back on a monster playing an accountable kpd role which they won’t. Dea whose only 186cm for Ambrose also is not going to happen.

If Francis plays it’s for Stringer