#10 St Francis of the Rising Star


He’s just throwing toys out of the cot. Quite common in this thread.


What if we ease him into a role.
Let him be Skeeta for a day?


How did it not happen? He played two partial games and then one full game and was sent straight in? What I said literally happened and that was with a huge layoff.


They dont think it’s his tank at all


Listening to Woosha’s press chat today it seems Dea will be in to replace Ambrose. I think there is something more to it than just waiting for a spot to be freed. If they thought he fits into the future lineup they would find a spot for him. The next few weeks will be telling I would say. Easing him in against GC or Freo would be optimal. Surely someone has the goss on this. Either way I hope the man is in good spirits and enjoying his footy. I for one would love to see him out there.


I’m saying if there is no specific role, then make a role. If you want him to play the Hurley role, then do it and make Hurley play accountable.


Play him somewhere anywhere. Id actually put him in for Stringer. Dea will take Arbros place.


Agree largely with this.

The Francis treatment is starting to feel like the Langford treatment from earlier in the year - hopefully it ultimately results in a similar outcome but if he isn’t selected this week i really struggle to understand the plan.

Admittedly there has been some other issues at play, but I believe it’s time.





Hurls be accountable!

I would like to see that.


Woosh pretty much said for the type of player he is and role they want from him it’s Hurley and Goddard who are already doing so who are pretty handy players.

So the plan would be to come in for either if they injured &/or be BJ’s replacement once he finishes up which could be as early as end of this year.

Francis is only 20. So very very young all things considered. Decade+ of senior footy ahead of him.

If Francis is on board as he surely is with where he fits in the pecking order (behind players he has idolised) and just biding his time waiting for opportunity it shouldn’t be a big deal IMO

Ambrose going down might open up opportunity quicker so long as opposition matchups suit which probably don’t this week. So maybe he plays fwd.


That post just makes far to much sense and while I cannot disagree with any of it. I am impatient and just want him in. He is a natural football, Chuck him in stringer fwd role.


Or as has been said, Hurley to take Ambrose’s role, Francis to Hurley’s role. Pretty farkin straight forward!


In theory yes but not this week.

Can’t see it happening. GC may be the only side playing two gigantor kpf’s and Hurley is not an appropriate match up for either, nor is Francis.


Every week


Absolute bullshit from worsfold. Goddards last season. Our season is gone. If there is only a spot for francis if there is no goddard or hurley then move goddard. Goddard will play out the year but let him do it in midfield or up.forward. must get games into francis.

If the conspiracy theirists are correct and he is out the door at years end getting some games.into him could only boost his trade value.

A reckon a game outside of melbourne is a perfect time to bring him in out of the spotlight


Steinberg a chance


I thought the idea was that everyone had to be able to play multiple roles?

Or is that not a thing?


I missed the word “full”. That said, his partial games were pretty long on. I saw the first one and had no idea he’d only played limited time. Was very worthy of a game based on that one.


If Goddards is the spot, given he’s probably dropped off a bit after a solid patch we should give him a rest for a week, bring Francis in.