#10 St Francis of the Rising Star


I reckon they have had this game pencilled in as his return for over a month to be honest.




Its time for another conspiracy theory.

Maybe the coaches already have a private agreement with Francis that they will delay his return to AFL level until 2019 for reasons we are not party to and are not being made public.


Fark me!

Henson’s workshop this thread.


You are crazy if you are not even a bit skeptical. ( edit: used the wrong word there)


If WillieDick is in then I am in.

Play him.


Or maybe you are just jumping at shadows if you are skeptical.
After all, it all comes down to knowledge in the end.


Jumping at shadows? In the absence of knowledge its normal to canvas a number of hypotheses when searching for an underlying cause.

On Blitz we have a group of fans that want Francis to get games at AFL level and the coach publicly saying in effect that BJ or Hurls have to be out before Francis is considered. That’s frustrating for some. Actually I am over it.

We all know that footy clubs don’t always publicly state the facts but obfuscate, particularly when there are knocks to the knee, sensitive or personal matters involved.

One of the skeptical theories in this thread is that Francis is going to ask to be traded . I hope that theory is not true. It seems unlikely to me .

I am quite happy to say “que sera sera”. on this one. iow “whatever”


It’s important to maintain the integrity of the selection process. We don’t gift games to young players. We pick the best team (Richo on 360 this week).
If you can’t see that Dea, Goddard, Hooker & Hurley have all played well down back during our return to being a very good team over most of the last 8 weeks, then you don’t understand footy, and should consider changing sports and maybe watching something simpler like bingo or truck pulling.
Azza was building his fitness and form and now he waiting for a spot in the backline which has just opened up. There is no selection conspiracy and there is nothing more that needs explaining.


HAHAHA Franga would have been gifted games?

McNiece coming in after doing SFA
Ambrose coming in after a soft tissue injury and farking himself up
Colyer coming in after little to no time in VFL after long time off

Frangs form has been belting the door down for the past 7 or so weeks. To suggest he would have been ‘gifted’ a game, is nuts, it would have been 100% off merit.


Maybe, after all, Worsfold said publicly that Francis was competing with Hurley and Goddard for a spot.
I believe they are available for selection this week, so, it would seem no spot has actually opened up.


You can’t take every single word a coach says in the cut and thrust of a presser literally. Ambrose is considered our best lock down defender. That’s why he came back in. Hurley will probably need to be the 2nd tall this week, and Azza can be the 3rd tall if they think this is the best 22.

Francis doesn’t play the role of McNeice or Colyer. McNeice had the job to shutdown Thomas who had kicked many goals in preceding weeks, and he achieved that. Azza’s form is on a par with Ridley and Redman. His chance will come.
Team balance is more important than giving your next favourite player a game.


then who’s it opened up for?


In the absence of knowledge it is not possible to ever know the underlying cause. By speculating worst case fantasies/scenarios a person is contributing nothing but fear mongering to the equation. And I don’t see how that is ever helpful.

I understand that people want to see him play, I am one of them. But like everyone else in the queue he has to wait until the right opportunity presents itself.

And please, you are not over it, or you wouldn’t be making these posts.

It doesn’t matter what any of us want, the selection committee will elevate him when they feel the time is right. As frustrating as that may be for some of us. And as someone who has been on his bandwagon since before the draft, I want to see his career develop as much as anyone here.

And just as a point of interest, he has made no requests for trade, or to go home next season. He is happy, playing some good footy in the magoos, and hoping his chance will come sooner rather than later like anyone else.


I almost exclusively come to Blitz these days to watch Reboot drop truth-bombs on everyone else.

That and puns…


Shut up boot.

play the frang


Im sure Aaron is content just playing good footy consistently full stop!!
And maybe just maybe ,the coaches and clubs support,understanding,and tough love re:training standards is key in the result.

If you were Aaron,would you be staying?

I would,why mess with a winning formula!


Sometimes players are far less frustrated than fans. Fans work themselves up in a lather with all sorts of theories. Players receive contestant feedback and (mostly) understand exactly what they need to do and who they need to replace. Far better to play someone when they are ready and deserving than before hand.


100 percent this


The theory that he is not being picked because we know he wants to be traded just makes no sense. If such an understanding existed, why would we not want to play him to maximise his trade value?
If we knew he was going to be up for trade, a whole season of VFL would undermine his value, surely.
You would not only pick him, you would play him in the Hurley role and direct all your crossing the ground traffic through him to make him look as good as possible. And you would be talking him up at every opportunity.