#10 St Francis of the Rising Star




Stop with your nonsense logic.


Wants to play seniors… but enjoying footy. Pretty much how it is.


This week… please!


Pretty much means nothing.


Love how people seem to think a 20yr old kid playing footy with his mates for a living on $200k/yr+ at the club he barracked for his whole life & who supported him 110% through his personal struggles is feeling hard done by for having to bide his time for senior games.

He’d be well aware of how he fits in the future plans of the club and the team.

Sooooo bad how he is being treated. Surelyyyy just conjuring up ways to leave! Justttt can’t shake this feeling we going to trade him!

Spare me.


Heaps of players leave for more opportunity/ being close to home.














You did it wrong, thats a sucide shot.

Lemon in mouth not your eye.


Yep means nothing to you but enjoying footy again means a lot to Aaron


He’ll be in this week.


There could be a riot if there isn’t some good news tonight.

All the excuses have been used up.


To you maybe, not to him.

This is a guy who was in a very bad place at the end of last year, start of this year and had some time away. Just being back and playing and enjoying what he is doing is massive.

I want him to play seniors too, but I do not want it if it is too soon for him and the pressure of it and the expectation it brings is such that he quits, then i would prefer he stay right where he is until he feels ready for it.


IMO people have been looking at form and mental health as two separate things when i see them as closely intertwined. I dont think Aarons form would be as good as it has been had he not been in a good headspace, and his form has been good for quite a while now.

I should clarify, it is great to hear that Aaron is going well and I dont mean to make it sound like I dont care. I do, but im not sure the fact that he is happy at this very moment, when I reckon hes probably been feeling pretty good for a good chunk of time, changes much in terms of his senior footy prospects. That was my original point.

Yes I know this is baseless speculation off knowing nothing and the club knows all and who am I to say otherwise yadda yadda yadda blah blah blah


It would be a pretty small riot. Most members/fans just don’t care about this stuff.