#10 St Francis of the Rising Star


These guys will definitely be there.

  • Carlisle requests trade
  • Tough negotiations to get a high pick plus ongoing saga issues.
  • Watching any U18 highlights of Francis I could find.
  • Selecting Francis (Very Happy)
  • Loved his Vfl work but no tank for AFL (that goal at Port Melb)
  • Big preseason, lost weight, dropped Hooker.
  • Talk of him wanting to go home
  • Depression
  • Talk that he may walk away from the game
  • Time off
  • Returns to the club and in good physical shape
  • Puts in a very solid block of Vfl football
  • Woosha states that he is ready
  • Plays some more solid Vfl

Plenty missed in that timeline and I wouldn’t be the only one that has followed this thread religiously.
I’m not Donnington invested but I’m pretty damn invested in wanting Francis to succeed at the top level, hopefully that restarts this week because he ■■■■■■ deserves it and so do we.


He is most certainly in wooshas plans for the future and I’m sure the club are well aware Francis wants to stay.

Woosha keeps saying that he wants Aaron to develop to be the ultimate player they know he will be for our future. First off it was to build his tank up which he has done.
At the same time his body is still growing into his own - again they have to be careful he doesnt get too many injuries.
Now it’s basically a waiting game for our structure, but he is on the cusp of selection.

But most of all it was just about supporting him through this tough time and hoping he enjoys what hes done his whole life so far - which from close sources seems to be on par atm with him enjoying his footy.


Ok let’s get some momentum going





I’m gonna go buy some cheezels, fanta and carrots to celebrate the naming of Frang!


I’m coming dressed as a Harikrishna and pray he has a blinder.


How good are Cheezles?


Hearing Dea won the battle over Franga. Hope its wrong but it’s a good journo telling me. Parish picked as well for Stringer.






@Stallion do you take collections for ■■■■ ripping. Your services are required and I’m willing to pay.




The Gold Coast Sins run a taller forward line than Collingwood*. We’re down three mediums/talls due to injury.

EFC Selection Committee: hold my beer.

*Well, Blitz tells me this. I’ve never heard of them.


Oh, the meltdown is only just beginning


If it’s Dea and Parish for Ambrose and Stringer that’s not surprising at all.
It will be interesting to see if they’re the only changes.


Yeh its been commonly noted Myers was very unlikely so will see


If Francis is not in… I’m sorry spin it however you want, but you simply cannot tell me that Francis would not be able to match deas output




Perfect response!