#10 St Francis of the Rising Star


You seem to constantly ignore the fact that they are very different players, who perform quite different roles.


So Dea got the nod. You’d think we were in the Premiership window given our selections.


No, I think the fact we keep selecting Dea says quite the opposite. We currently need blokes who can do a job, and we know can do that job, to keep the team working.

Look at Richmond, Sydney, Geelong etc;. They have put kids in key spots because they know they have the talent around them that even if they don’t perform, the team still works. I don’t think we can afford to do that just yet, and whilst Francis may potentially be a lot of things, he is far from a proven commodity.


Roco or De stoop?


I’m mostly intrigued by the fact that you know a good journo.


He gets closer and closer to proving himself with each game he doesn’t play.


Or plan to trade certain parties

Mind you Dea plays small also and GC have basically two very tall players and then smalls


Get stuffed John.


Really disappointed.


See ya


Against the Gold Coast, with the season shot anyway, surely you find a way to make it happen.


Strategic player management by Woosha- keep the heat off Francis until an hour before the game.



How is it he’s not in the team??? Absolute BULLTWANG!


Do you do stale Cheezels? They are sensational.


Cough “RoCo” cough.


Sounds like an oxymoron?






Fark off Mick.