#10 St Francis of the Rising Star




What, again?
You say this a lot, but you never follow through.


Why bother naming him as emergency if you have 0 attention of playing him, John?


I was saying goodbye to Aaron Francis actually.


Lol. Fair enough.

But there’s no need. He’s not going g anywhere mate.


They generally have 0 intention of playing the emergencies unless someone is under an injury cloud


He’s a blogger now isn’t he?


More blogger than I’m jogger.


Remember your carry on in the Ryder and Carlisle threads whenever someone suggested they were out the door? You’re starting to make me nervous.


Fair point.
But Ryder told lies, and with Jake I was plain wrong.
(can I blame sources for Jake) :grin:


This joint has gone seriously off it’s Meds lately.




“Can I have ‘Things that could have been’ - for $400?”

Daily Double

“I will go $500”

“This Victorian club in 2018, was best described as over before it began - as highlighted in the Fark Carlton match?”

“What is A Francis?”



OK, OK, I’ve got it figured.
The all encompassing conspiracy.

The AFL want Francis at Adelaide.
The AFL have pressured Essendon not to play him, keeping him in cotton wool for his Adelaide outing.
The AFL have threatened retaliatory action if there is any type of pressure or inkling to play him.
Blitz doesn’t heed AFL requirements nor understand EFC kowtowing and still presses for Francis selection.
AFL responds to Blitz pressure for Francis selection and “arranges” disproportionate amount of free kicks for the opposition by “agreeable” umpires.
Woosher meets with umpires and gets told to pull his fricken head in, it’s all about not selecting Francis.
Francis is then not selected on Thursday 22th of July when he is readily acknowledged by Blitz as the best match up.

It’s all Blitz’s fault.

Ya know,
It’s this sort of conspiracy that drove a whole team of young Thai Essendon supporters to seek refuge in a floodpron cave.


I like stories.


More likely the AFL is preventing Aaron Francis from being selected in retaliation of Bruce Francis’ peskiness in court. The fix is in.

WhEn wiLL ThiS CLuB StAnD uP To ThE AFaiL


Would you rather Francis came in;
On the Gold Coast, at night, on pay TV, in front of 5,000?
At Docklands on a Saturday evening, in front of 45,000 Bomber fans?


Any cheezle is a good cheezle.


I’ve just come in to see why Langford isn’t getting a game.

Rinse Repeat.


Does it matter? If he is ready to go I don’t particularly care where he plays.

Painful not seeing this bloke get a game.