#10 St Francis of the Rising Star


He also said he hadn’t seen all the footage available. So once they saw all that they may have changed their minds. They don’t really owe us much of an explanation imo.


First paragraph is subjective. Everyone seems to be an expert on whiplash all of a sudden, is it not possible that contact was made to the head first and then to the body second, thus explaining how contact to the head could have been made but the head being in the direction it is? Personally i find it very hard to believe that with the force Francis hit him with and the proximity of Jaegers head to Francis’s shoulder that there was no head contact at all. And if I am even more frank I think it’s probably fair enough that he copped a fine becuase it could have ended much worse.

Second paragraph… I’m not sure why the club has to justify accepting the fine to anyone… do they ever? The last sentence in that paragraph is just hyperbolic nonsense. Are you seriously telling me that accepting a 50/50 fine and not explaining why makes you question whether you want to handover cash as a member? Fark I’m surprised you lasted the SAGA with all the rolling over and reaming that took place there.

Really, mountain out of molehill, this whole discussion


Can the AFL come out and say what movement experts they consult with before stinging a player 2k for a bump that all and sundry seem to think was ok.

Also does one angle of the so called 8 or 9 provide enough evidence to meet the required standard of a civil tribunal? Especally given the one that has been released as the so called proof seems inconclusive and no better or worse than the others on offer.


while were at it lets just get a few QCs together and see whether the MRP has any jurisdiction within Australia. I call for a royal comission. Absolute rort.


Firstly any basic knowledge of physics demonstrates that he head couldn’t get to the position it got to if it was hit.

Secondly it symbolic of where we are as a club. We are willing to accept mediocrity yet again. I stuck fat through the saga thinking we would use it as ammunition to become ruthless once again but no we continue to be ■■■■ whipped into submission. If you’re happy for the club not to fight, or at the very least explain why it didn’t, then I think we are going nowhere fast.


thats been the issue all these years! not explaining petty ■■■■ like why we accepted fines. got it.


no it’s not, not even close


I’d still like to know why O’Meara at no stage held his head as if it was paining him.

But it’s a disgrace that a repeat offender like Jones gets $1500 for punching to the head and this gets $2000. Absolute joke, and they just make themselves sound stupider every time they say anything about it.

Also fairly telling that that bump was AFL Highlight #1 on their 10 highlights video.


So we are ruthless?


It’s a $2k fine

He left a player concussed.

There’s no conspiracy

No ones been hard done by

The bump has been dead for years

Of all the things the club needs to worry about this is rightfully down the bottom.


yes, but whiplash!




Once Franga got picked we couldn’t complain about him still being in the twos. Good thing this happened, just keeps giving does Aaron.


wait WHAT!!! we aren’t contesting it???

What a gutless pathetic spineless decision. May as well just bend over and let the AFL smash our back door in while we are at it

Sad part is it doesn’t surprise me at all


How can you contest?

Defence: Your honour the bump wasn’t dangerous.

Prosecutor: Your honour may I present medical exhibit A. The players concision report.

Defence: Your honour he may be concussed but it’s the vibe.

Meanwhile we’ve put Francis up in lights and in front of TV cameras.



Shoulda mentioned that Aaron was pretty stoked that he made the AFL’s top ten plays of the week


Where are you getting the concussion angle from? No mention of it in the official MRO findings and AFL website saying Hawthorn has no injury concerns from the match.

Last time I checked you don’t get winded when hit in the head either.


Was just going of what was posted earlier.

Could very easily be wrong.


there you go you ■■■■■■ sooks