#10 St Francis of the Rising Star


So the AFL just profited $2k from an idiotic decision?

The only way to repair the balance is to take it back off the AFL and give it to Francis:

  • Deprive the AFL of your money for a while…switch off their media…don’t go to a non-Essendon match.
  • If you see Francis around, offer to pay for his coffee or lunch.

I know it’s tiny ($2k). That just means it should be very easy to achieve.


Where are you getting the concussion report from? No mention in AFL website.

Also as stated above you can knock someone out by bumping and get off - reference Burton on Higgins. So why did this one attract a fine?


Our consideration to challenge was significant but based on all information available to us, we determined the charge would be difficult to overturn at tribunal,” Richardson said.

_ “The decision to accept the fine was agreed on by all parties, in consultation with Aaron.” _

Aaron Francis accepted his $2000 fine for rough conduct after his bump on Jaeger O’Meara was graded as careless conduct with low impact to the head.

So the membership is not privy to this ‘information’.



The information is that we asked the AFL “why?” and they replied “because fark you, that’s why”.

Sadly I’m only partially joking.


No we asked the AFL what they want us to do. Our Chairman who thinks Gil is the greatest individual to ever grace the earth has made us a ‘puppet’ of the AFL.


Concussion was mentioned earlier in the thread. My bad. No report of it anywhere.
Still, the histeria over a fine is laughable.


It’s not the fine, it’s the fact it was a perfect bump. If there was head contact I’ll go farking hey!


Christ , it getting harder and harder to enjoy handing over ones hard earned to such a soft ■■■■ club


Anyone expect anything less? We roll over at every opportunity.

Gobsmacked they didnt appeal. I shouldn’t be.


So many quality posters. Usual suspects.


Don’t be a peanis all your life.


The AFL directive is clear. You can bump, but only so hard. Which is BS.

Disagree with the decision, but can also understand not contesting it. Maybe it costs more in time, money and resources than the fine is worth. Maybe they don’t want to subject a player to a hearing when he could be doing anything better with his time.


Could have thought we were North FC with how scungy we are with money. We have 80k members and won’t even fight it. AFL think they can get away with that then they’ll keep doing it.


just to clarify, would you of contested the charge or not?


So you have provided evidence that your view is different to a lot of other posters who you now are trying to whack for holding the club to account.


nope, wouldn’t have been worth the bother


no you are not, just bashing them with the usual tripe, you are not holding them to account in the slightest bit. Feel free to email them and tear up your membership, blah blah blah


Some of you are jumping to a very negative view based on nothing but video and blaming the club for 1/ being tight 2/ letting down Francis 3/ letting down supporters 4/ being submissive to the afl.

I too have no idea how the conversation went at EFC today but imagine this:
Club: we think you have a shot and we are happy to challenge. Video mostly looks ok except for this one view
Player: I thought I’d got him flush. I felt his jaw and was so glad he was ok. Thought I’d just got in and I’d be missing games.
Club: happy to challenge. How do you feel about fronting the tribunal tmrw night?
Player: as I say, reckon it was pure luck I didn’t nail him and I couldn’t think of anything worse than being involved in a tribunal case.
Club: no problem, let’s pay it and move on. Also, nice attack at the footy and player, good man. Get out on the track and look forward to Friday night.

Unless you were in the chat, and heard the advice and knew the wishes of club and player, I just don’t get how people can use this as yet another way to bash the club.


So you’re happy for the club to just accept what the majority of football followers believe is a joke. No wonder we have gone nowhere for 15 years.


Remember where you are…