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Whilst I don’t disagree with your point. The issue I have is that general consensus of football supporters is that the fine is a joke and very inconsistent with prior rulings this season. Therefore I would like to have seen something from the club seeking clarification on why the fine was issued. Just accepting it becuase we might not have won our argument is not a good look for me.

Also I would love to know the coach’s viewpoint given this morning he was of the view it was something we should challenge.


He never said that, he said based on what he had seen he thought they would consider it. He also said he hadn’t seen all the footage.


Right I get it you are happy. Enjoy the middle of the road.

Until the club demands excellence in all facets both onfield and off field I don’t believe we can achieve excellence. Whilst a small matter the non challenge just demonstrates we don’t yet have the ruthlessness to succeed. We all laughed at Richmond for years but ultimately the passion of their supporters demanded the club get things right and while it took time they are now delivering in spades.


Man you are delusional

oh and DRINK


You call it delusional. I call it realistic.

I am extremely optimistic by nature but 15 years of going nowhere is wearing very thin.


Peni$ is lenient. [email protected] is nearer the Mark


It’s funny that I was going to finish my last post with ‘heading over to the Worsfold thread to see if he’s been blamed for this’. And you worked in a crack at him as well.

It’s not a shot at you Redbull but there are plenty of ways of looking at things. It doesn’t matter what the football world thought. It doesn’t matter what Tim and Gary said this morning or what I thought this afternoon. It matters what the club and player thought based on the evidence and advice regarding success. You, me, Tim and Gary and everyone else watched it a couple of times and developed an opinion. The club and player have spent considerably longer and received knowledable advice. I trust they’ve got it right and it’s a decent fine but not weeks.


It’s delusional because you are basing it on nothing. No facts, no evidence, no idea what has gone on behind the scenes, no clue about the player, the evidence they have and whole range of factors. It based on your own perceived bias that “this club is farked”.


From your post, my takeaway is the majority have the same view that the club should have challenged the decision.


Yes, it is not that they said that, it is how they said it.


Yes I agree that most people extrapolate the efc decision not to challenge it a tad too far.


No facts

Fact 1 - Burton knocks out Higgins with a bump - play on nothing to see.
Fact 2 - basic law of physics is that for every reaction there is an equal and opposite reaction, yet somehow O’Meara’s head goes the same way
Fact 3 - club doesn’t clarify exactly what fact it was they decided not to challenge on
Fact 4 - we haven’t won a flag for 18 years and will equal our longest ever Premiership drought next season

I could go on but you will just claim I need to drink.


Did you have a point you wanted to make, or just compile a list of people who don’t share your opinion?

Want to have a guess at what my post means?


Yo can explain it to me - I didn’t get what you meant.


I meant why bother even issuing a statement that says absolutely nothing?

Statement for the sake of it.


You claim we are not ruthless, did you watch last year at the end?

Told Stanton, Hocking and Howlett to leave basically (and Watson but he got it).

Bulldogs wanted a large high pick or two, gave our pick away so quickly for Smith it made everyone’s heads spin. Held the Bulldogs over the barrel and stated to them, “you don’t want him and neither does anyone else, take it or leave it”. They blinked.

Or how about Carlisle? Stayed the course and made StKilda buckle and give up what we wanted.

How about mid-season telling a coach to go away? Pfft, pathetic club shouldn’t have had to right?

You can bleat on about minuscule things that mean nothing, I will look at the things that mean something.


Statement was probably worst than not making one. I was all for a statement but to say nothing was pointless but predictable.



See just like physics I can show you opposite arguments.

How many times have delisted a player and put them back on the rookie list? This is classic conservatism. We have probably done it over 10 times - most likely to be more than the rest of the competition put together. Success stories from this method? I mark it as one with Smack.

Also how did we do with the Ryder trade? Or Hibberd when we held out.

We cleaned out one assistant coach! Yay. At least 3 others should be gone down seasons end if we are serious.