#10 St Francis of the Rising Star


How have I had a crack at Worsfold? I want to know what his thoughts now are and if they are different how have they changed from this morning.


Weak replies though.

How do you know how much other clubs have done that? By your statement you have no idea just an assumption based on bias against the club. Provide the evidence to back up you claim and will agree with you, until then it is hot air with no meaning.

We were held over the barrel on Ryder, we took the best of the worst position any club has been in for a while on that. Not the clubs fault but that’s how you see it right? Not Ryder’s of course, or his mangers, or Ports, or the AFL’s, just a weak pathetic Essendon.

We offered Hibberd the opportunity to walk away because of what he had been through, we said we would not do anything to get in his way and we would not hold up the trade. That wasn’t weak or pathetic, it was the right thing to do.

You can’t clean out ALL the coaches in the middle of the year, so we picked the one we felt was an issue. And guess what? It proved to be the right choice. What happens at the end of the year is another issue and has nothing to do with the current argument of this club being weak.


Two questions:

Do you think not appealing the Francis fine was “strong”?

Do you think Richardson’s statement added anything?


It was neither strong nor weak, it is a nothing issue.

Firstly people bleated for something to be said, then bleated when something was said. You get what you asked for, a nothing statement about a nothing issue. Oh and if you go back and look at comments from other clubs you will find the same basic statement, even Hawthorn.


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Because I follow football other than just Essendon. The only time other clubs use the rookie draft to recycle players is to keep an injured or contracted player. Yet we have used it many times to give a player another chance to prove themselves.

So you’re claiming getting rid of one coach is strong. I counter that by asking was it left until we lost to Carlton? Why did we allow the coaching structure that clearly wasn’t working (as proved by subsequent results) allow us to win just 2 of 8 matches and ruin another season. I agree the club has the chance to right this wrong come year end yet decisions like today leaves me with little faith it will happen.

On your trade points I was merely pointing out we don’t win every time. You claimed we are great and I showed you we have always been.





Just on the coaches, it couldn’t have been done that much faster. Richardson was new to the club and there is laws in place for termination. From the outside it seemed to be handled well saying he chose to leave and didn’t lead to any suing. There’s no way you could have moved on more than one 2 months into the season.


They should be giving Francis some royalties for creating the highlight :joy: $2k should cover it.


Mmm, … top pressure act of the game carries a $2k award doesn’t it? :thinking:


Did we thank the MRP for their efforts?

we usually do in these situations.

reminds me of #sagadays


I wouldn’t have challenged it.

I mean…the idea of Essendon standing up to protect the game from the AFL…


Wouldn’t it cost more in Lawyer fees etc to challenge than the fine?


I can kind of agree to you first point about the magnitude of the issue.

But nothing was said in that statement. It was response to substantial noise with noise lacking substance.


If you became aware that Aaron preferred to let the matter go for personal reasons and didn’t want that disclosed, would that “nothing”statement transmogrify into a statement of some substance ?


Would have thought the club would challenge that fine.


Does anyone actually believe the statement helped the matter go away?




Maybe in your world it hasn’t.
Just casting my eye over the Herald Sun, can’t see Aaron emblazoned over the front or back pages.