#10 St Francis of the Rising Star


I’m happy for the club to pay $2k every week if Francis bumps like that each game.


And you believe the reason for that is the statement? A brownlow medal favourite just got handed the biggest tribunal sentence this decade but of course a meaningless statement from the club has prevented Francis from upstaging that. Your world is a strange strange place.


The problem of course is that next time he fairly bumps somebody this incident will be used against him to show a poor record & he will be suspended.


I can never understand those who post on Blitz spewing out hate and bile for our Club.

Then I read a post on Facebook, that even spews out more abuse and hate, from one who pretends he loves the Club.

I suppose at least he did it under his own name.


I don’t think the statement has inflamed the matter. Quite likely it has made Aaron happy that he can get up for the Saints.


Talk about drawing a long bow.


I hope he pays the fine in 5c coins, or postage stamps. Just to be difficult.


Its a long bow to suggest that a prior conviction counts against him next time?


I just hope its Dustin Martin next time.
Tigers game would explode.


So you’re saying all fair bumps will be cited?


I’m saying the next fair bump from Francis can be cited & lead to suspension because we’ve allowed the precedent to be set - he now has a record that can be used against him for future incidents. This was clearly a fair bump but was cited so we have that as proof that what was considered a fair bump has been changed even within the course of this year. My problem isn’t that this will now be the standard, my problem is that we’ve allowed our player to be the exception not the rule & done that without a fight.


You actually believe the AFL subscribes to the doctrine of precedent?


I will never be Dustin Martin, I can assure you of that. For the AwFuL, he’s a protected species.


oh seriously, this is still going?


Sorry I meant Hope Franics takes out Martin, like he did O’Meara “fairly” IMO.

Not that Martin lays that bump.

A tigers bloke broke Zakas arm/shoulder? in a forceful tackle last game.
We need to bring the heat.


I believe a players record can be used against them in future cases. As I pointed out I don’t believe Francis will now become the standard interpretation even for the remainder of this year & thats why I believe we should have fought the charge.


Yep, you just be proud to be yourself man.


Base your decision on the premise learned over the last 5 years by the club.

Supporting your players on the basis of principle probably will result in a negative outcome when dealing with the AFL,

Because the AFL :

  1. Has no principles other than those which can be measured by how much money it can make,
  2. Does not care about anything much except what is a good look for the game. See 1 above.
  3. Does what makes the most money for the AFL. See 1. above
  4. Requires the subservience of all clubs and uses money to control them. See 1 above

A pragmatist would make a decision NOT to appeal, only an idealist would make a decision TO appeal
There is no place for idealists in the “Matrix” of the modern AFL competition.


Well if you don’t believe the Francis bump will become the standard interpretation, what in the hell are you worried about?


It wasn’t even the standard interpretation for this week!

e.g. see the double snipe on Gaff.