#10 St Francis of the Rising Star


I noticed that Hopper’s fine was increased after he elected to appeal. I wouldn’t put it past aFL to have warned clubs that appeals were going to fail this week to discourage them. They had their hands full with Gaff and probably didn’t want a dozen fines appealed as well.


Why didnt O’meara get fined for head butting Francis? Is head butting legal?

Francis executed a perfect bump to the body and that grub O’Meara didnt like it so he whipped his head into Francis’s body. I’ve never seen such a deliberate, intentional, and evil attempt to cause harm to another player.


You don’t have all the facts.


I’m actually hoping Woosha drops Francis tonight so this thread can get back to normal.


Once again we bent over. Its just a gigantic pain in rs.


I have enough.

Do you disagree with anything I wrote?


Boss is a Hawks Supporter.
Said Francis bump was a great bump, he was surprised that Francis was fined.
And even more surprised that Essendon didn’t challenge it.


we’re still talking about this?


First point probably right.
Second point agree.
Third point impacted by veracity of first point.
Fourth point unfair as all facts not known.
Fifth point agree. It’s imperative to know all the facts before potting Essendon Football Club in this instance.


Aaron’s birthday today. Glad he kept his spot this week and hope he plays an absolute blinder. Would have been a dog act to drop him on his birthday of all days.


Finally, another topic. I like it.



But hippy bathday Aaron



Thread just got creepy…


Is that @Crazy_Bomber?


Is the kid actually eating wings?


I’ve heard a lot of this. And a lot of people having a crack at the club.

We are talking about Francis’ money. So Aaron had the final decision.

The club can Council Aaron on challenging the sanction, but it’s Aaron’s decision… not the club’s.

He doesn’t want to risk paying another $2-5k on top of it. From a player point of view it’s fair enough.


seems to have removed his posts. In saying that he may have been hacked? ‘beefcake?’


It would appear so. Legend!


implying that he isnt actually a beefcake?