#10 St Francis of the Rising Star



Just not special enough to capitalise Happy or Birthday. :smirk:


HAGO Rooster. Make your mark tonight.


fair go bsd

no capitals or full stop :smirk:


Last thing omeara remembered on Saturday


He is starting to look comfortable out there.


Doing well




He just knows how to football. Simple as that


tough, runs to the right spots, clunks. like.


very solid


Really good tonight, ran out the game pretty well too


Big cajones


Reckon this lad can play


Found his feet a bit tonight, … got more and more settled & confident as it went on, … will do him the world of good.

Hope he stays in and fking explodes next week.


holy moly next year he is gonna be awesome.


Played better than Carlisle


Composed and precise tonight. Very nice.

Side note: BT needs to take a bit of a look at himself after those “can’t even crack a smile” comments.


Kid’s battling depression and you wonder why he doesn’t want to talk to you when you makes jokes about him not even being happy on his birthday.
Brian Taylor you buffoon.


Looked like he was getting some pretty clear feedback down the ear piece right after he said it. ■■■■■■■ imbecile.


There’s reasons certain footballers can’t do anything post career apart from commentating.