#10 St Francis of the Rising Star


And there are also footballers who can’t do either, as exhibit BT proves


Does a number of little things that just make you wonder how far he’ll go


Was really solid tonight


I’m happy he’s in the seniors where he belongs.

Needs to put the foot down in the next 2 weeks. Opportunity to cement his spot in the 22 for 2019.


If he manages to find more intensity for a whole game he will be incredible. For now, I’m stoked with his good level and encouraging potential.


Can play, tracking nicely.


so quick for a large lad


Moves like a mid


Copping it from bacchus for being too jovial and from BT for not being jovial enough.


Our top 10 picks have been poor over many years, Might have a winner for change.


Wish he would get more of the footy, cos yes he can play.

Made a couple of blues, did a few good things as well.


I thought he was very good from a defensive point of view. A few times he had to go and he did. Very good ball use, and he does often take the higher degree of difficulty and hits them lace out. Good to see him play well tonight.


37000 people got dizzy watching that blind turn in the last quarter.


How many intercept possessions did he have? Seemed like a decent amount.


Fitness is holding him back, which we all knew.

He belongs out there. He needs to believe it, and get his body right to show it.


Isn’t even clunking marks yet. Just you all wait.


Looooved the blind turn.
Looooved the bullet passes.
Looooved the defensive work.
Imagine what this kid will do when he gets his confidence up.


That blind turn had me in a spin.


Solid game. Defensively was decent and just needs continuity to build confidence.


Needs a GIF