#10 St Francis of the Rising Star



Awful by the Saint though… Squibbed it.


Was really good, looked very composed all night.

BT is a massive flog


He makes me smile.

I’m a touch color blind but even I can tell the difference between him and Hurley, not sure what McAvaney’s excuse is.


theres enough here to see that hes going to be a staple in our 22. his kicking is so good. he always finds a way to kick to our advantage instead of others that bomb it into packs when the clear option doesent present itself.

all that talk about him being able to control games in his draft year is starting to show more with each game.


One of the best stories of the year, this bloke can really play.

Go the big Red one!


His disposal and vision is elite.

The confidence in his marking ability will come.


Has confidence. Has talent. Great to watch.


He is still a fair way off it imo, struggling to find the right spots when we have the balll in defence, not working hard enough, floating between contests. But when he is around the ball you can see his quality. I don’t think he is a lock best 22 just yet but he is certainly an exciting prospect and it’s wonderful to see him out there.


What’s normal to him, amazes us. He will be our new god.


Reminds me so much of Bluey Shelton. Bluey played half his career with only one eye but was still a champion CHB.




Good lord


Hopefully he’ll only cop a $2k fine for that brutal head contact.


Injuries piled up meaning he had to play 93% of game time. Played the game out strongly! Hopefully his fitness issues are well and truly behind him.


what is this? a franga for ants?


Look how sluggish he is in that last quarter clip!


He is beaut!

Give him another 20 games and he will start to tear the game apart from the backline

Got a bit of mongrel in him aswell which we need in this team I like him BIGRED


Both of us are dikkheads


yeah @Houli_Dooli is a dikkhead