#10 St Francis of the Rising Star


He’s super exciting. The whole year ends with a smile thanks to young players like him. Couldn’t stop grinning after Laverde’s 3 first quarter goals, then Francis’ continuing hulk up, then That mark. Fantastic.


We had a Commodore 128. Soooo fancy.


Imagine if we’d traded this bloke for a pick in the teens last year… and even worse, had it been the crows and he’d have been part of that stupid camp given what we now know about this kid? So incredibly proud of our club and this guy for the support and resilience shown by both sides. He will repay the faith in spades, has future star written all over him. Can’t wait to see him in the VFL finals and then hit pre season at full steam. Very exciting future ahead.


It’s nothing short of remarkable the turnaround in Francis. Anyone who said at the start of the season that we’d be seeing him finishing the year in the AFL team of the week and vying for MOTY would’ve been whistling Dixie. But the club supported him and his determination came to the fore.




IBM PC, complete with CGA monitor, 256kb of ram and the mighty 8088 processor.


#1 in comp for intercept marks based on his last 6 weeks. Look forward to 22 weeks of that next year… and ridiculous delivery by foot to go with it!


Not sure how I’ll get through the next 6 months.


He’s gonna take the competition by storm. And you’re all gonna love it!

I predict this time next year Francis and Lever will be the two best intercept defenders in the comp and vying for AA honours.


I’m ready!


Half old it is then.


How about -
Owned a Torana
Owned an XD Falcon
Owned a WB Panel Van


Can only imagine what that camp would have done to him.


A bit old for me.
It was all about the Lasers and Pulsars when I was growing up.
Wish I was around for the Sandman revolution, though.

For so many reasons.
Okay, for one reason.


I ended up with one of these from my Dad’s work. Coveted it for years then it was mine, thought it might even talk to me like Electric Dreams. It never did and I didn’t have a clue what to do with it. The 64 was a much friendlier chap.

Wim you might’ve had an Archimedes, ahead of its time and arguably running a windows based os well before the big guys. Nobody got on board development wise and it died a death. My Uncle had one, wrote us a few basic games on it, magic. You might also be thinking of the Amiga, which is the Aaron Francis to Goddard’s 64.


Absolutely agree and backs up the point I made earlier


Amiga also rings a bell, but I don’t know if that’s nostalgia or covetness (sp?) talking.
I do know I did a very little bit of homework on it, wrote a quiz on it in basic with an audio tape back-up, and played text wizardry maze games on it.


My sister bought it. I think it was meant to be for Jane software that you could get for her school work. I ended commandeering it for games that I could have just played on the 64.


Rack off. Dea was on caddy when he snagged those few goals. If you’re a troll jog on, if you’re just a complete idiot then I suggest you know your facts whe posting so you dont look so much of a degenerate (might be a bit too late for that)
He single handedly saved our backside with hurley against Richmond. easily could have been a 7-8 goal loss.


Covfefe is the word you’re after. Amiga was all disks methinks, Amstraad definitely tape, in fact I’m pretty sure the deck was built into the keyboard/motherboard. That’s probably enough nerdstalgia from me in the Francis thread.