#10 St Francis of the Rising Star



And that has what to do with what I said?


I resent the insinuation we don’t do this at other times of the year


Not an Industry fund then?


Probably in the cash option with fees…if people invest long-term in cash, then they’re half-witted.


Unfortunately super is one of those things a lot of people don’t even bother checking once the employer sets it up.
One that was setup for me placed the funds into such a cash fund. I changed immediately. Asked a few colleagues some years down the track and they hadn’t realised, they had made zero interest and actually lost the fees.
I am very active on my super fund and monitor it closely now.


■■■■ Smith VZ200?
BBC Acorn?


We had a Tandy TRS-80 from ■■■■ Smith. Used a cassette for storage.

My personal first was a Mitac PC-XT with 10Mb storage and 256Kb RAM. Looxury! Probably 1985.


BBC Acorn 32k was a ripper.


l had to roll it over from the State Super fund l was in. l went through a broker at Slater & Gordon, who had been a colleague. For the first years o/s l got some progress reports. Then for a long time, l heard nothing.


T’was my first car.

What a friggin beast.


Sounds like the broker made sure he got everything that was coming to you.

I rolled over about $6.5k to CBA Super Balanced in 1991. It grew to $28k by 2016, and I’d recommend no-one ever roll their super into any retail funds. Don’t know what I was thinking. Lot better than $1k growth though.


Second car I had. 351 XD Fairmont. 12 slotters. Sweet ride.


So CD have a stat called “Performance relative to expectation based on Age and Position, for players turning 25 or younger in 2018.”

And Francis is ranked #2 in the league (marginally behind Brodie Grundy)

Small sample size, but impressive nonetheless.


What surprised me about this is that @chris_64 didn’t post it. Maybe he sold his shares. :slight_smile:


Gold Coast’s best youngster is ranked 93rd… shut ‘em down.


Clayton whom?


I read the first sentence and just assumed it was Chris_64. I’ve clearly been conditioned


No Zach Merrett in that fancy list?

Champion data, pls.


I notice no one is saying CD is complete bulsh in this case . Confirmatory bias is alive and well on Blitz.

For once CD tells it like it really is. Even if based on a small sample.