#10 St Francis of the Rising Star


CD is most definitely still rubbish… especially when it comes to ■■■■ like this.

Best player relative to age and expectations blah blah blah. What complete and utter rubbish.


Thats more like it !


Any list like that that has Stringer and Walla, and not Merrett, McGrath, Parish etc is not worth a clacker full of cold snow.


Third car for me, after an XB Fairmont and a TE Cortina Ghia 4.1 litre.
It would have been sacrilege to have anything from an XA to XF and not have 12 slotters on it.


When I first bought mine (for like $800 in 1999), it had oversized way-too-wide unroadworthy 12 slotters on it.

It looked cool as fark, but considering the car already weighed 15 metric tonnes and had no power steering… Parking wasn’t really an option most times.


Why is Aaron not wearing a club tie…?



The old Port Magpies colours, eh?
I’m not saying panic, but I’m not saying not.


What about that exactly is rubbish?




Are the expectations clearly defined, and is it explained what is hoped to be gained by comparing performance to them?


at least he didn’t run a polo, carlol style.


Well for one, it isn’t particularly illustrative to rank young players against the whole competition because they will be behind a lot of established players, but compare their performance against historical player ratings at the same age and you

  1. Get a good look at where they rank amongst young players in the competition
  2. Get a good insight into how they sit historically for players at that age


He side stepped around them.


He’s got that look on his face that says “you clowns…I’m going to be standing on all your heads in the years to come…and you’re going to stand back and applaud me”, and then in true Bomber Thompson style “all of you, all of you”.


Won Round 23 MOTY nomination. No real surprise , that one.


Still managed to get a vote in the rising star despite playing 5 games, that is funny



Somebody give Chris Johnson a job at the club


The comments in the Twitter thread are pretty funny. :blush:


Is that the ex-Essendon Mark Alvey who branded it disgraceful in the comments?