#10 St Francis of the Rising Star


His son is in our NGA



And think of all the relationships he’d have formed with the AIS kids over the years


Lets froth at the mouth about 1 frickin vote. Did it effect the outcome ?


If you look at the scant the criteria for the award, it is someone regarded as a “standout young player”, and because Johnson is smart enough to know he has seen quite possibly the most outstanding young player in the competition, albeit only in a handful of matches, he is more than entitled to vote for him.

Given what Aaron has overcome makes him even more outstanding.

Well done to Chris Johnson for at least giving him a nod, as you say, it was never going to change who won, so good on him for at least some token recognition.


2028 footy trivia quiz question.

‘6 time brownlow medalist Aaron Francis only received 1 vote in the rising star… who gave it’


#1 for 7 Plays In 7 Days.

Well, der.




Brownlow favourite ranked 41st lol.


Maybe the red strip is a little lower?


I think I’ve found the problem.


Lol was there even 128 - you’re sh!tting me.

Tandy 1000 for me, when what I really wanted was an Amiga!

C64 really were the bomb at the time, even if you had to wait forever for the tape cassette to load.


I think Chopsuey was making a joke about CD.

CD have their way of doing it with their player ratings, which has serious flaws.

Over the years the 2015 draft will be revisited by fans and re-order it based on notional performance, Francis will probably improve on 6, Oliver will probably jump to 1, Darcy might be able to stay inside the top 10, but the likes of Weitering and Schache will probably drop down the order for a while, until they fully mature at the age of about 24-25.

Right now based on a small sample CD have indexed his “performance level” based on age and found it to be in the top 2 players under 25. So, is the CD method based on stats and indexed according to age better than a number of fans of a range of clubs giving opinions on the players of 17 clubs other than the one they follow, without bias?

Its probably what we would like to think, but probably fans of 17 other clubs would disagree,

IMO his AFL games this year proved that it is possible for players to develop over an extended time in the VFL and adapt to AFL footy very quickly.


Had both the C64 then later an Amiga. Pound for pound the Amiga is the best computer that’s ever existed in my eye. Dinosaur now of course but for it’s time impressive. It’s the Royce Hart of computers, stood out in its era.



To play C64 games you had to put it into C64 mode. So I had no idea what you could actually do with it in 128 mode.


Play Samantha Fox Strip Poker.


Wait for the Amiga. And play Sam Fox Strip Poker


I sense a common theme here. :laughing:


Now that Reboot has mentioned it, I think we might have had an IBM.

Which reminds me of an ad line they ran, ‘Nobody Ever Got Sacked for Buying IBM.’

Pretty good line for those tumultuous times.


I thought most people here would be from “leisure suit larry” era


“What’s that aroma”?