#10 St Francis of the Rising Star


Lindsay McGie wasn’t a great player but they often used him for his prodigious kickouts which went further than anyone else.

He was known as the Boy From Vietnam by the commentators.


Amongst our other five Boys from Vietnam including Keith Gent (wounded and never played VFL again), Ian Payne (brother of Charlie), Bill Thompson, Greg “Spider” Perry and Ian Anderson (who drives taxis in Port Fairy).

There were 7 VFL players went to Vietnam…6 of them played for us…the other being Geelong’s Wayne Closter.


Is that from the game? I’ve never actually played it lol - classmates always used to talk about it at school. Didn’t get a computer until very late…


We had a workmate we christened Larry Laffa.

Sharp suits, thin ties, winklepicker shoes…got a huge gig in Honkers in the late 90s and went native.


Played footy with Bill Thompson, won the JJ Liston {when it really meant something} at Dandenong. Top bloke and player


Bit slow but a really good, strong mark. Was he from Alexandra, same as Mr Two-of-each, Les stillman?


I’m surprised more hasn’t been made of that for ANZAC day


Yes he was from Alexandra, moved back there the last i heard


What the ■■■■ is this thread I’ve walked into?


A couple of old dudes reminiscing, its Blitz man


Be respectful sonny, i like it.


Yep, me too.
You can learn all sorts of things about the club and it’s history from conversations like that.


I thought you were around back then with Noonan, so you already knew these things?


We all have different experiences though.
And I like it when people reminisce about things about the club.
You can learn things you missed, or see something from a new perspective, etc.
And to be fair, Noonan was around when you caught and killed your own clothing.
They were manufacturing it by the time I was born.


Hmmm, Its a long time since anyone called me sonny, I was talking about myself with the reference to “old dudes”


It’s called history, and it is one of the things that makes this club so great.


Police Quest… Monkey Island… Dino’s Eggs…Talingard…Bilestoad…


Remember only police quest from that list.


Doing better than me then, l don’t know any of them.


I bet most people in here wouldn’t even know what “clocking a game” meant!