#10 St Francis of the Rising Star


Derived from “clocking your opponent”


That is seriously good trivia.
iIRC Perry was “the tarantulo” (as against “tarantula”), for some obscure reason.


Been overseas the last couple of weeks and after watching the Tigers match live on tv I was only able to see Francis’ highlights against Port rather than live.

Those dukes and reading of the play ability are top notch. The Mcavaney frothing was for once enjoyable. Bring on many years of froth.

Bit disappointed we didn’t bring him in earlier but a salivating end to his AFL season.


Probably in jest - but derived from turning the clock-counter over on pinball machines.


Aaron putting Collingwood to the sword.

You absolutely beauty!


How many clunk Aaron Francis




This kid is fking unbelievable. will win a B&F in the next year or two.


And despite the above comments I’d say it was just a solid competent game by him.



Id just like to say I no longer call him Aaron Francis.

Its Mark.

Mark Francis.


I will go further

Marky Mark


Mark is his middle name.

His first name is Intercept.

Ha ha ha.


Ch7 commentary team said the Pies did a good job of avoiding Francis… and kicked it to Hartley most of the afternoon… I lol’d. Actually.


Considering he was starring at AFL level last few weeks was always going to have a day out today.

Was very impressive and despite some big physical hits today just kept going


settle down mate. We’ve got some proven stars already. He has a long way to go to get near their consistency.




The thing I love is that his opponents at all levels are crapping their dacks and repeatedly conceding free kicks in marking contests.


He has still got more strength to gain,and greater fitness. Im going out on a limb here and saying he could go down as one of our greatest defenders if he does this.

What about that pick up off the ground in the back pocket at full pace?