#10 St Francis of the Rising Star


Yes please settle down


The only thing better than his marking is his kicking.


Ch7 commentators all talking about what collingwood needed to do about Francis. Hey. He is a defender. But if opponents need to change the way they want to play to deal with one of our defenders, he is already in Rance territory.


fk no. im lid off with this kid. hes going to DESTROY


Albeit at VFL level, but I’m on board.

I’m looking forward to him taking off next year and the sky is the limit.


such skill and composure


The boy footballs very very goodly.


He’s better than David Copperfield! Picks the ball up in his right hand, then it magically re-appears in his left!


I’m glad you heard Eddie and that ■■■■ face brown talk about something other than Collingwood. I must have missed that snippet.


I’ve watched that gif 20 times. How does the ball get from his right hand to his left?




it’s a lightning quick throw…free kick to collingwood. :slight_smile:


whatever it is, its fkg awesome

bloke understands footy

the more i see of francis the more i reckon his greatest strength is his understanding of the sport, reading the play and being able to predict opposition movements… 9 times out of 10 the opposition would be tackled in that instance and the ball would spill out… franga has the foresight to see the player coming at him, transfers the ball across to the other hand (thus protecting it from the immenent impact) and brushes off his opponent with the non-ball carrying hand

he just gets it, more than any player ive ever seen…


It seems a very long time ago but I remember this being something talked up in his draft year, more than any specific skill set just a nouse and a footy intelligence. Seems to have the rig to house it in now, yay


I hope he gets the flu this week, misses the game and we lose.

Now that he has shown his true colours the risk of him running around in a second tier competition is far too great.

  1. You are an idiot
  2. You are not much of an Essendon supporter.
  3. See 1


And his willingness to have a crack at the umpire is pretty good too. Very polite, but happy to ask the question.


Can you please explain the difference between point 1 and point 3?


Rack off Noddy!
The kid wants to play


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