#10 St Francis of the Rising Star

  1. Darren Bewick


Cunning Dingus


Point 1 is a fact.

Point 3 is simply a reminder, because you know, you are point 1.

Hope that explains it for you


nothing like a losing culture to build success upon


People are so touchy and quick to throw insults. Just relax, everyone’s entitled to their opinion.


Can someone tell me how he wasn’t listed in the best players on the ground? The kid was dominant. Josh green in the bests? Did nothing for the first three quarters.


It’s like free speech.

You can say what you like without going to jail, or worse, but equally, people are entitled to fire back when you talk shitt.


Didn’t make the bests


Fire back with a counter-argument, you mean?
That wasn’t one of those.


Which is reasonable imo. Good, solid game.


Doesn’t matter. He was definitely in the BEASTS.


BEAST on ground, imo.


i heard he didn’t make the besties.




I don’t think he was in the bests, either.


Green sealed the game. He was sore and they played him in the goal square for the last quarter and he snagged 4. I think thats pretty good actually. There were 23 players in the team that beat Collingwood. I sense that the club are not overhyping Franga. I don’t think anyone welcomes the weight of too much expectation. He was playing in the team which he has been a part of for 4 months and I am sure he just wants to go out and enjoy playing finals and being part of finals wins for Essendon.


We are fortunate that Francis didn’t finish last year like he did this year. Otherwise Crows and Power would have been all over him.


I know what youre saying, but the only reason why frangas season has improved is because his mental state has improved, and if his mental state was better last year, he would not have sought a trade home (reading between the lines of what he has said in the media).


That’s a good point.


Unlucky not to make the top 3 marks of the year, I thought his was better than Walters