#10 St Francis of the Rising Star


If he finished last year like he did this year he probably wouldn’t have requested a trade.


We would have skewed the vote and won it, or has the voting changed?


Changed after last year when Eddie threw a misdirected tantrum at the AFL instead of his own supporters apathy.

The public vote on the round nominations but not the final winner.


Seems like it’s just as flawed then if Walters is in final 3 over Francis. Cameron and Heeney deserve top 3.


I don’t know, Walters was pretty impressive. Some serious hang time. You could toss a coin IMO.
Francis’ downfall was that he made it look so easy. They always look more spectacular when the player is thrown off balance.


I must be missing something here as I thought it was the best mark of the year. F##k the AFL and their love childs.


Francis mark was robbed, his mark was so much better then Heeneys. I guess they didn’t want us to win it 2 years in a row.


Robbed. Francis’ was one of the purest and most effortless hangers you could see. Easily better than Cameron’s or Walters’


He’ll win it next season, by then he will have come down from Ryder’s shoulders, and the mark can be paid.


Franga will win the next 10. It’s no biggie.


Personally I think Walters is the best of them three easily. Franga’s grab was miles better than Heeney or Cameron’s


Define, so much better.
Take the blinkers off.
Heeney’s mark was every bit as good as the one Francis took.


He’ll take one one year that can’t be ignored, Hopefully Franga and Joey win the next 8 years.


Unlucky for franga.

Personally I reckon the umps/afl owe him one after that ridiculous fine for bumping.

Hopefully he’ll pick up some prize money for something next year. The guy might deliver MOTY and GOTY the way he plays.


I didn’t quite like the way his knees knocked together at the apex of the climb. He should try and make his grabs a little more appealing, in my opinion.


I’m not even bothered by the mark.
I’m still trying to get over how much pressure naming him in the best 30% of players for one side in a VFL game would have put on the poor kid.


you do realise we were never going to win this, or wont for the next 5 years, because jeremy howe had a sook when daniher won it and now in an attempt to make everything seem fair and just again they wont give any of our players the award to appease the rabid masses?


Worth it, though.


oh absolutely, i think i enjoyed watching howe sook it up more than danihers mark, schadenfreude is a major driving force in my life


Can someone please post the gif from Brownlow night?