#10 St Francis of the Rising Star



So farking funny.
And worth ten years.





Such a try-hard :wink:


Aaron Francis = AFL conspiracy victim


After Joey, they were never going to give us MOTY. But as long as Heeney wins I’m good. It was an awesome mark too. Franga’s got another ten years of hangers. That makes me very happy.


Its fking bullsh1t that he’s not in the final 3 but I honestly think heeneys was a better mark.

Anyway, this will be less than a footnote in this kids career.


Come on, let’s not go all Collingwood over this. We are better than that… aren’t we?

Anyway, these awards are subjective so there is no right or wrong, rather I agree / I don’t agree.

and besides, there is always FARK CARLTON to fall back on


The Romanian judge gave him only 7.5. Apparently he marked Francis down for the dismount, and said he made it look too easy.


And the Swiss judge just assumed it shouldn’t win, in the absence of any evidence.
(Ignoring the fact that Belhoff is English)


He looks a bit like Ben stokes but doesn’t beat enough people up.


Tell that to Jaeger


EAD Jaeger


Jaeger got FRANGED! ™


that franga gif is competing with Murphy falling over himself as my favourite essendon related gif


That will be the highlight of Jaegers career


What about Ambrose burying hill under the MCG?


MOTY & GOTY are Mickey Mouse competitions.

just a bit of fun, nothing to take seriously.

Francis was stiff, but we dont want to be like Collingwood supporters who are still complaining that they were ‘robbed’.

It’s hardly an important award.


I don’t really think there’s a standout amongst the 4.