#10 St Francis of the Rising Star


Agreed. All 4 were great but hard to separate.


Whole panel on Talking Footy have no idea why the Francis mark didn’t make the top 3 for MOTY.

Have to agree with them there too.


Did they mention who’s on the voting panel ?


E. Maguire, J. Howe and A. Demetriou.


Nice compilation.


Nice is an understatement.


Collected 8 Liston votes in his first 8 games.

Then we lost 6 games in a row and he went to the AFL.


Bruce calling him Frarncis and the others calling him Francis, in the Victorian fashion, not like those snotty-nosed bed-wetters in NSW and SA.


Really seems to know when to mark and when to punch.


Big red can play. Going to be a fixture down back for the next decade.


When you can mark like him, I’m sure he will be tried forward at some stage.


Here we go


Get down from your high cassle.


Is this where I say, bang it up your arsel?


Depends if you have your arm in a carst.


Fair enough.
That would be hard to get parst


Forward or back?


Not if your Tippa he is farst.


For people raised outside of SA, correct pronunciation is certainly a bit of a hassle.

Sorry, harsle.


If you’re going to call someone a harsle don’t say sahry farst.