#10 St Francis of the Rising Star


Why am I hearing all these in Tony Grieg’s voice?
Oh, tell a lie.
Billy Birmingham’s Tony Grieg voice.


So, so, so good. I love that he just got better and better each game. People will come to footy games just to watch him.


Imagine an overseas visitor comes to Australia watches an Essendon game on the TV.

After the game says in broken English. “Francis Arggen play very good, I like.”


Won’t play another game in the VFL again.

He is way too good for the level and now has the confidence that he knows he can do it in the AFL too.

What a foundation he has built to hit the pre season and 2019 in complete full steam


Did Francis go to handball over his head and hit himself in the face today in the VFL match?


Can confirm the head was hit. Repeat, the head was hit.


And for once it wasn’t by Johnstone!


Interesting Rawlings making a point of “put work into Francis” or something similar at the 3/4 huddle.


That’s just the typical SA accent though innit?


Was the red button triggered?


Yes, and the reaction of his teammates, woo hooing, like the player given the role was some kind of hero.
Says something, when Franga who has played a total of 9 AFL games is being tagged, albeit at a lower level.

As a matter of interest, were teams “putting work into” Jake Lever when he was at the Crows?


Melbourne was certainly putting work into lever


FWIW, I suspect Francis fading from the game had more to with his leg niggle (well, I hope it didn’t progress beyond that) than any hard tag on him.


Yep, i agree, he spent more time on the bench during the 3rd and last qtr.



I am glad Franga got some more recognition for a super mark.

BUT. WTF. $1500 ! that is a seriously insulting prize. AFL Nation needs to get some sponsors with more cash to splash. I hope they didn’t make Aaron pay for breakfast when he was there to receive it.


Let’s just be happy for the recognition.


Who gets upset at a free $1500? I have no idea who AFL Nation are, let alone why they should be expected to fork out significant amounts of money to reward people who play football in a competition they don’t run.


He can use it to pay the fine he got for the bump on Omeara


Yep. I’d take a free $1500 any day of the week.