#10 St Francis of the Rising Star


Is Franga still eligible for the Rising Star next year?


Don’t think so due to being 21


And is it : 10 games or less, or less than 10 games?


10 or less, but if you’re 21 at the start of the year it’s all null and void.


If you can do this…



I know someone who is pretty handy with photoshop who might be able to help me out with that.


I find it more insulting that he wasn’t a finalist in the AFL competition.




Serious talent to be looking at the camera mid speccy.


Would he be the last Don’s player since Geoff Blethyn to wear glasses?


Oh who the fk cares?


He should give me some of the $1500.

I’ve put $200 on him in each of his 3 years thinking he will win the rising star in that year :slight_smile:


Happy Friday


To be fair, the other three grabs in the top 3 were pretty ■■■■■■ good. But Franga’s was the best pure grab.


Hell, $1500 a week almost gets you to the mythical $80K plus super a year.


The Fiscal Fiend will have his hand out…and presumably his agent will want him to cough up too.

Whereas the fine is not tax-deductible, and I’m sure his agent isn’t helping him out with a couple of hundred for that.


They relay radio coverage of AFL matches via participating radio stations in the bush.
AKA Hutchy’s Fat friends. Part of Hutchys original corporate vehicle Crocmedia which did a reverse takeover of Pacific Star Network, installing Hutchy as the CEO and usurping Garry Pert. That ■■■■■■ Pert right off, by all accounts, because he had lined up the position at SEN before leaving Collingwood. Bridges burned LOL.,


Hope he doesn’t get a big head now!


I thought it was fitting :wink:


I was expecting this: