#10 St Francis of the Rising Star


It’s an improvement.


Carro’s Arrow just now - blasting the selectors for snubbing his MOTY.

Said it was ridiculous he didn’t even make the top 8. Basically called it a joke of the process.


I thought dogs only got high sticking their head out the car window.


He was never gonna get a nod after Joe won it last year.




Apparently they all voted after round 22. And then after that mark, an email was sent out…but the Francis inclusion was at the bottom in very small font (Carro’s words) so it was overlooked.


Typical stupid farking AFL process… vote before it’s over. FFS!!!




Just yet another governance screw up. We know how it works now.


AFL: Essendon supporters have wrecked mark of the year so we’re going to put it in the hands of our “experts”
Nek minit…


Did anyone see that photo of Francis and his manager leaving a bar in Adelaide, and I think some officials from another club were also leaving? Was on Twitter a day or two ago.


Be unlikelely that he would leave after everything in the last year. Can’t see Essendon letting him go easily. Hopefully he was just signing his 5 year contract extension.


Seems unlikely to leave, though the photo did worry me a bit


Posted a photo of himself at a birthday in the Barossa 4 days ago.





Wants to join in on the Adelaide pre-season camp? Such fun.


I hear they’re bringing back the hot coals.

Sign me up.


ScoMo, is that you?


No ‘Go Sharkies’ there, so doubt it.


Fancis and his manager walk into a bar. Francis has a chunk of asphalt under one arm and says, “2 beers, please, and one for the road.”