#10 St Francis of the Rising Star



Just imagine another uninterrupted pre season for Frang… Just imagine…


Cue a Francis remix of Lennon’s Imagine.


Quite a few people on this forum had him traded for a third rounder this time last year.

A lot can change in 12 months.


I hope Sheed’s isn’t putting too much pressure on the boy. I hope he knows what makes him tick


It’s the nature of the industry. If it’s not Sheeds pumping him up it’ll be somebody else. Or someone else tearing him down.

He has to learn to deal with it to survive in the business.


Another? Don’t you mean imagine him with his first uninterrupted pre season.

Runs around touching all the wood I can find.


if he can survive Blitz expectations he can survive Sheed’s


Are you Donnington?


I think he’d be confident that he’s proved to himself that he can excel at the top level.


If only I could give multiple likes. He knows he not only belongs but can dominate.


Aaron Francis takes 11.
Contested marks in the backline.



Wayne Carey has already been vocal about Francis too. Called him a star.


More like:


N Daniher B Duckworth
Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee
High praise indeed.
If he is half the player Neale D was going to be.
He will still be a champ.


I assume the $1500 as a prize would be tax free?


It is


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