#10 St Francis of the Rising Star


The alpaca burger ad in the fake meat thread!


The non Macca’s cheeseburger ad in McDav’s thread!


great to hear Sheeds on this
he is trying to also get the package opening up
if sheeds was coach- imagine


Don’t have to imagine if sheeds was coach, remember well his last few years, happy for him to have another role with the bombers rather than coach.


Pre or post 2000


This is what I like most about Francis’ game - His ferocious attack on the ball - Anyway he believes he can play at AFL level so its onwards and upwards from here.


Probably pre 2001
but I would not mind Sheedy taking the package under his wing now as a mentor!!!
Sheedy knows how good he can be-


Sheedy is in a good position for us - he’s at the club and can impart his knowledge and optimism on the players (and fans).


yes definitely

Can get a few of the younger brigade believing in themselves


We all know his potential rocks. But if sheeds got a hold of him I’d be terrified he comes back as an over muscled diver who gets arthritis from signing every autograph book put in front of him.


You seem to have a low amount of respect for the achievements of one of our greatest coaches


No hes awesome.
I just don’t use tongue in cheek or winky type emoticons


Jokes are funny. Remembering Sheeds as the a senile old fool that Blitz knows him as isn’t


Was running with Saad today. Kept pushing with his running, really worked hard. Great to see the kid out there for a full pre-season.


Good on him.




if Francis wanted to be the best player in the comp he would be.


I’d also like to express my fondness for that particular Franga.



“Indeed, his performances were so stellar Champion Data has rated Francis as the best relative rated player in the AFL, leading the likes of Collingwood ruckman Brodie Grundy (+74%) and Brownlow Medallist Patrick Dangerfield (+72%)”

I know it’s CD, but still :sunglasses: