#10 St Francis of the Rising Star


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Francis is easily my number one player that I’m looking forward to watching going into 2019. I just can’t remember seeing a young EFC player under 10 games who has shown more. Hurley’s first year is probably the closest, but nobody else comes close over the last 20 years.


It’s only the “easily” the bit I’d argue with. I would have thought that we have a lot of contenders.


all could be working into an extraordinary elite level season


Don’t forget Myers.


Two most improved seasons in a row.

I guess it’s possible.


The intercept marking and reading of the play/positioning is already elite. Thats how good this guy is.


The thought of having this guy potentially playing a full season gives me shivers. It’s a shame he isn’t eligible for the rising star this year, I know where my money would be.




Thats a pretty bad indictment on the suns development.
All those kids/high draft picks and the best one was Bowes +2%.


Imagine how filthy we’d be if we’d have let him go to port for pick 30 or something at end of 2017 and then he showed this sort of promise for them.


You just know there’d be a few on here that would point to that as proof we are so ■■■■ at development…


Liked the highlights and loved the bump on the Hawthorn player.


He is like Luke Hodge, but better and less of a shitcarnt


That is where other supporters underestimate our midfield. They see him as he was a few years ago, not the improved player he is now.


Myers always had the talent and smarts, but when he could get on the park he played in Jobes shadow until 2018, when he was able to assert himself.


thanks so much for that
really enjoyed watching it
reminded me how well he played in those games


should never have gotten a fine for that


Hehehe, bump.


How the hell did he get reported for that?


Because fark Hawthorn said O’Meara was treated for concussion…of the ribs.