#10 St Francis of the Rising Star


Completely disagree. With Aaron it’s more than just a footy story.


Don’t put away those panic dollars just yet Francis lovers.

Aaron was sighted some weeks ago by a friend crossing the Victorian border into South Australia… Think Adelaide, Port. Just saying.

Go all in. Go all in.


I can’t believe he had 50 goals in his 1st 10 games.


Oh no time to panic… Contracted player returns to home state during end of season break period…


Darren Bewick kicked at least one goal in all of his first ten games.

He then failed to goal in his eleventh.

True story.


John Coleman kicked 12 on debut and was held goalless only once in his career.

True story




And he will be crossing the border again shortly on his way home for Christmas. What is the point of this all too obvious ■■■■ take?


Julian Kirzner kicked a goal in his first ever game and was never held goalless at Essendon.

True Story


Only issue is Kirzner wore number 40 and not 10 like Coleman.



Evrrything in context CJ.
We’re talking about spending panic dollars based on wild rumours and unsubstantiated crap dressed up as fact… hmm, a bit like MSM journos.

Going across the border again you say.
All in. All in.


I heard that were third in line for Dylan Shiel now


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He’s a classic example that you need to pick kids with natural football talents, if they have the elite capabilities.

Then be patient and give them the time to build endurance.

Francis, Tippa, Stringer… 3 players with elite football abilities but have had to work harder than others to get that endurance up. Patience is the key.


So annoying when you hear “elite athlete who just has to work on foot skills”…


I remember one preseason Justin Crow was talking about how Jobe Watson works harder than anyone else on his fitness, but because of his lack of natural athleticisim… he generally ends time trials at just ‘above average’ level.

While some players can have a few weeks off from any physical activity, yet still be in very good physical condition.

IMO is much easier to get a player’s fitness and endurance levels up, as it is much easier to coach and measure. Motivation and injury is generally the only barriers.

Especially compared to kicking (for example),
Which is about technique and repetition.
Barriers are having the right coach, having the resources and time for the coach to supervise (1 of 45 odd players) And communicate the issue with the kicking action.

Then trying to replicate match simulation where the player will be under pressure while trying to kick the ball. The player learning to kick 35-55 meters… the player learning to kick 20-35 meters. The player learning to kick for goal from the set shot. The player learning to kick goals on the run. The player learning to kick off both feet…etc. etc.

Just pick natural footballers with elite talent, and give them the time to develop a tank ffs. TBH we have gotten much better as a club at this.


The best thing about Aaron’s transformation is that it indicates that his off-field life is in a much better place than it previously was, everything else is just a bonus imo


Agree. Delist Draper, Dea, McKenna and Jok now.


With as much respect as I can give this post, it doesn’t stand up to even the slightest bit of scrutiny.
Unless that is you genuinely believe Conor McKenna can’t kick, or can’t play. (Or was secretly playing footy in county Tyrone)