#10 St Francis of the Rising Star


There is a real flaw in your logic here.

There’s maybe 3 gaelic kids picked each year. They are picked BECAUSE they can all kick the ball well, amongst other things.
They are not all good kicks, because all Gaelic players are good kicks.


Nobody said they were all good kicks i don’t think? We commented that the ones who came over are great kicks and they don’t seem to mind the different shaped ball. But yeah that’s why they’re here, we’re not stealing the average players. This Francis thread has really been derailed.


Isn’t this what SCarey is saying here?

But yep, happy to stop tarnishing the great man’s thread and get back to worshipping him.


What’s this about him leaving the track early today?


He might have been. I thought we were just talking about the guys already in our system.

Anyway how good is Francis!


He found out that he has to be Santa at the work Christmas Party. Was. Not. Amused.


So no ho, ho, ho.


Was out drinking beers with the boys last night so I’m under the impression he’s not injured… ANNOUNCE ACL


Not injured he’s fine


This thread needs more Francis!

He’s going to win 5 brownies and everyone here is talking alternative historical possibilities about a ■■■■■■■ round ball.

Giddy up Francis! ■■■■ the round ball!


is Franga playing Marngrook or something?


Derailing apology accepted. It’s an interesting discussion actually.

Francis could play with a square ball and still star.


Anyone else periodically watch the francis gamebreaker vid from the port game just to get their bandwagon engine purring.


Some say it’s good to learn to kick with a round ball because it’s easier to see how you make errors and needs more precision to kick it perfectly straight.


Francis invented all the ball game


Sign 'em up: Your club’s most important off-contract player

Nick Bowen and Mitch Cleary

Dec 22, 2018 8:30AM

Aaron Francis

After unsuccessfully requesting a trade at the end of 2017 and then taking personal leave from the club early in 2018, Francis now sees his future at Essendon, which is great news for the Dons. The South Australian was a revelation when he finally returned to the Bombers’ senior team in round 19. Stationed primarily in defence, Francis, 193cm, proved a roadblock for opposition teams with his outstanding overhead marking. He took a remarkable 10 contested marks over the final two rounds – four against Richmond in round 22 and six against Port Adelaide the following week – and knows instinctively when to zone off to intercept opposition attacks. There was never any doubting the raw talent of 2015’s No.6 draft pick, but now he appears ready to deliver on a consistent basis. The Bombers can call on his talents next year but need to ensure he’s still delivering for them in 2020 and beyond. - NB




There’s a who bunch of ■■■■ in this thread that I can’t be ■■■■■■ reading. Is he injured or not?


What dafuq does this have to do with Aaron Francis?

One of these days we might get some actual moderation on this forum to keep things on track.

Francis huh - I am expecting a big preseason from the lad and am keen to see improvements on what he showed at the end of this season. Exciting times ahead