#10 St Francis of the Rising Star


Any chance we can have the Francis thread here and you others who want to discuss Marn grook can take it somewhere else?


Back on topic.

He is the most exciting thing about going into next season for me. Cannot wait to watch him dominate.


Was out last night having a few beers and chatting to a South Australian (a rare beast I know) who barracks for the hawks but couldn’t stop raving about Aaron. Reckons Aaron’s mental issues were only temporary and that he was a bargain at pick #6 and really excited about watching him develop.


Do tell South Australian Hawks fan, next he’ll be telling you Keith Roadhouse makes a very decent toasted sandwich. DERRRRR!


McGovern type intercept backmen win flags

ours can play mid too

Hooker and him can just guard space




So, what’s this thread then? And what’s that then?


Not entirely sure, but it maybe in 12 weeks, 4 days and 5 hours time :airplane::+1:from now :thinking:


I really don’t see much difference between the two photos


Lock him in for 22 games onball is the word. Starts alongside Heppell and Shiel.


There’s no difference


found the red green colour blinds.


I really can’t see that at all. He is obviously training with mids which is great but he has very little midfield game experience and this time last year he couldn’t run out of site on a dark night. I understand he has aspirations but I can’t see him playing significant midfield role for us next year.


Fools, it’s clear that shaving the beard has lowered his weight by at least 5kgs. Jeez, lucky you guys aren’t in Essendon’s fitness department or they’d all be running around trailing their opponents with 2017 Hurley beards.


He wouldn’t need to play many minutes in the midfield to have a significant impact, 5 min/quarter, a sudden burst, would be enough to swing momentum.


Reckon youve just described Jobe Watson pre transformation. Same Boxing coach, similar body change, keen as mustard I say why not? Played as a mid at under 18s incidentally. Dustin Martin provides grunt and goes forward, this guy moves the other way to play the McGovern role after the centre bounce.


Imagine a starting mid of Francis, Shiel and Merrett.

That is some power inside/out everywhere.



Red Green was delisted, right?


In the second photo he clearly has his hands on the footy. And is doing something with it.
Last year’s photo, he’s just longingly looking at a footy in the distance.

One is concrete, one is aspirational.
I know which Francis I prefer.


Until we learn Karma Bomber got the photos mixed up.