#10 St Francis of the Rising Star


I certainly see a leaner frame this year compared to last year.
If Francis is training with the mids could it be a means of providing him with a more intensive cardio/training program, not necessarily meaning he will play a midfield role.
I really don’t see him as a midfielder at all. He’s still learning his craft as a defender to now thrust him into the midfield doesn’t make sense to me.
Anyone know if the mids have a different training/ running program to defenders, forwards etc?


He certainly wasn’t demonstrating midfield-level fitness in the run-throughs at training last Wednesday. Was consistently a significant last.


Clearly, the photo on the left is him jogging, the photo on the right is him Marngrooking.


A bargain at pick 6? It’s a pretty damn early draft pick to say ‘bargain’

Weitering, Schache, Oliver, Mills and Darce are all pretty damn handy players.

And I’d love Hopper in our side as well picked @ 7.

Reckon himmelberg, Hipwood and maybe right at the end Menengola were bargains.

Would love Hipwood and Himmelberg at Essendon.


Francis and Ridley: forward or back or midfield?


Must have missed that memo.


That’s because it’s top secret.


Yes that’s right - utility


When Francis is the number one player in the league will he be considered a bargain? They bang on about McGovern. Francis is simply better.

If that list

Weitering has flatlined
Schache gone backwards
Oliver a gun
Mills is a solid half back flanker who hasn’t come on as hoped
Darce at this stage is a second rotation midfielder
Hopper is a bull
Hipwood a giraffe
Himmelberg has a cool name
And ‘Meh’negeloa isn’t much good


Hipwood will be a star, great to watch.


Can’t tell if that post is taking the ■■■■ or not


You disagree?


Reckon franga is still very much operating on potential as opposed to few of those who to date have out put more.


Schache will get better at the Dogs


Yep. Frank is probably the most talented player on our list. Still scratching the surface.


Has already been better at the Dogs.


Francis is better than the Eagles McGovern?
■■■■ me dead give the kid a chance to develop.

McGovern isn’t a 3 x AA by accident


He actually went to training!


How ■■■■■■■ good would it be to have the top 3 in the Crichton 2019 as Joey, Shiel & Francis??


Personally I don’t care if it’s Ham, Jok and Gown running top 3 as long as we win the flag