#10 St Francis of the Rising Star


It would tell me none of our stars were injured which would go along way to being top 4


Or everyone else was injured/■■■■ and we went nowhere


Well it was the first I’d heard what had happened and I was sharing it, rather than gate keeping, in the context of supporting my hope that his mental health issues were only temporary. It wasn’t intended as an exclusive, and I was pretty clear my source wasn’t reliable, but thanks for your contribution.


If Francis can produce what he did in the last few games,consistently across a season,we have an A grade intercept defender.

But it’s not just fitness,as some allude to.
The focus,discipline,and drive to play like that week in,week out, would be mentally taxing.

Talent is unquestioned,and it appears fitness might be there.

Regardless of his family loss, its ■■■■■■ tough to play like that every week. Lets not speculate that its because of his brother, if his form dips and wavers.
It could be that he is simply finding it challenging mentally.


If he can do what he did in those last 2 games across a season, he’d be the best defender in the comp by a country mile. They were superb. I think our expectations need to be lowered a little because it’d be hard to follow those games up. But you never know.


It has been stated occasionally around here that he can have off games.

Will be an interesting season.


Hahaha good old Hale and Pace




Its certainly possible for all players to appear to have off games, with a number of contributing factors; better opponent, better opposing team, illness, injury, failure to pull up ok after previous game. Its also possible to simply lose form, or to be given a different role by the coaches. The important issue with younger players is to respond well to any of these issues, not to get emotional about it, not to worry about it but take wise counsel and work through it.

From the Blitz point of view, its probably unfair to call for a player to be delisted after a poor game ( as often happens.)


Teams will put work into him. They will find his weaknesses an exploit them. It’s going to be a tough period to push through.




That is very hard to do with smart footballers. Sam Mitchell has a many weaknesses none that’s seemed to matter. Even when teams tried to tag him it only worked sporadically.

Francis is a very smart player, I have no doubt if they try to do things like expose his fitness trying to run him around or force him into poor decision options he will adjust easily.


Thing is, he hasn’t dealt with a researched team strategy aimed solely at him. I have no doubt that he has the talent to work through it, but it is going to be a significant challenge for him in 2019. Same as how teams started to Counteract Saad and Tippa. It will be interesting to see how this pans out.


It’s a team game, and recognition of that tends to come with confidence about your spot in the side.

Apart from which, by the time the opposition has implemented individual defensive plans for Francis, Saad, Hurley, Hooker, and McKenna, they don’t have much of a forward line left.


Frank will be fine. Breakout year coming up. Forget all the second rate analysis, just sit back and enjoy the ride


Just let the kid start to compile a body of work. The over-analysis is now reaching fantastical horizons with visions of opposition coaches with furrowed brows wondering how to stop the colossal 10 game menace that is A.Francis.

As above - let’s enjoy this ride which will no doubt still have peaks and troughs (and plenty of Blitz-penned scripture to accompany it).


If they work out a way to expose him in the backline, we can always send him forward for a stint and let them try to control him in the forward line.

It’d look nice if they had his opponent kick a couple then he moved forward and kicked 8.


What is scripture without prophecy???


Who knew “Moses and the burning bush” was actually about flaming ginger pubes?


I think Boot is firmly on the Francis bandwagon, and it looks like he will put some work into anyone posting 2nd rate analysis. So posters are gunna have to lift their games !