#10 St Francis of the Rising Star


Put work into and target him at your own peril. 2 AA’s sitting in the wings at fullback and Chb. Plus there’s 2 speedsters just waiting for that metre of space.
I think the same goes across the ground too, multiple mids and forwards that can own a game and exploit if given the chance.
Not sure what teams will come at us with but I can see a weakness in defending marking chains through the arcs. Also that run and chain coming out of our fwd half. 2-3 pressure fwds is pushing it.
We can counter that with a high defence. Give up a few out the back but for mostly keep it in our fwd half.
Back to Francis if they target him i think they’ll target his immaturity and entice him into the dangerous high risk high reward kick switch or back into the corridor. Having such lovely execution is a risk for them too.


Let’s also acknowledge that the opposition will be giving him a lot of attention.

That, in it self is a huge test.


When Francis is fully AFL ready he will be very difficult to target/stop.

What he has in his favour is his competitiveness as well as a great ability to win contested ball whether in the air or at ground level.

He has a very high ceiling.


Who has higher ceiling:

A. Francis
B. Daniher
C. McKenna
D. Mozzie




E. Courtney Johns


E. All of the above


I know who Aaron and Conor are but who is B Daniher and D Mozzie? Barry Daniher and Darren Mozzie??


Daniher and Francis have way higher ceilings.
Daniher for me only because the position. He has had best on ground games and still not made the most of opportunities. Can easily kick 10 or have 25 and kick 5.
Francis though could have the moment bumps that change a game and put fear in opposition, be a wall with 15 marks and 20+ effective kicks. I don’t think that’s as high a ceiling as kicking 10 the way Daniher could do it.
Both in my eyes can be unstoppable. What makes it so tight though is that Daniher only has himself to blame for not having those elite games. Kicking and decisioning will always drag him down. One day and hopefully on a consistent basis can he have them games that are just 100% complete.


That’s Mr Bazza for you, mate.


I still have it like this:

  1. Joe
  2. Fanta
  3. Francis
  4. Stringer
  5. Langford


Teams will no doubt try and play through Aaron’s direct opponent to negate his intercepting, he isn’t a natural ‘shutdown’ type of defender. They will quickly learn to respect his boot - applying frontal pressure on him and/or either closing down or trying to pick off his dangerous passes. Considering his mental struggles they will also try and ruffle his feathers and put him off his game.

Having Hurley, Hooker and maybe even Ambrose next to him will be invaluable. I look forward to teams trying to target Aaron, I don’t think it will be tolerated for a second.


Daniher would clearly require the higher ceiling, door frames and ceiling fans.


How dare you! :stuck_out_tongue:


This post deserved far better. Good call by me


Could everyone quietly leave the thread please so HAP can have some quality time with himself.

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Hard to say whats more important kicking a goal or saving a goal, but having both Daniher and Francis at opposite ends makes me very happy.
Both will be amazing players.


Yeah nah, the mob usually get it right.


2019 - Rise of the Franga


Duracell? Or rechargeable NiMH?