#10 St Francis of the Rising Star


That’s because he’s slow on his feet. But he’s on his way.


Andrews might be in front but that’s not what this list is about. It’s about their relatives. I think Cripps is Frang’s cousin. That’s why he’s at the top.


Whats this list about?


This to me just sounds like massaging ill defined bullshit stats into ill defined bullshit categories and coming up with ill defined bullshit relative comparison measures to create a very quantifiable and commodifiable amount of clicks.

That said, Francis has arrived and he, together with his two nimble lieutenants Saad and McKenna, is going to transform our defence into an offensive monster . The league isn’t going to know what had his it.


Watched some replays the other night.

His kicks tend to hang in the air a bit which gives time for the opposition to set up defensively hopefully it’s something he worked on over the summer.


Its fine to be selective about CD. Some of its bullshit, some of its part bullshit, and some of it has a grain of truth amongst the bullshit.

It says Francis was good in 2018. I saw that for myself , thank you very much.


Ha LOL IVan, great minds even write virtually the same piece.


When you kick it about 90m it’s pretty hard for the ball not to hang in the air


They only hang in the air when he deliberately does it. He can fire absolute bullets that only are a couple of metres above the ground.


Hangs it so long he can run down the ground and mark it.


Francis has 74 relatives.



Who cares what the list means, Francis is on top of the list yay!


outsider in that family would be the black haired sheep of the family


Where’s McKenna?


The statistics are not bullshit.
What is bullshit is what people think they mean.


The list is for the top 10 suckiest sucks that ever sucked.


you must have a top 10 most cooked list

  1. Daniel Wells


My dinner
Killer Mike