#10 St Francis of the Rising Star

Just when we look likely. Bang. More key position players injured

Bring in zerk for Francis, and hooker still goes forward

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Zerk ankle sore. Sore ankle.

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Anyone that watched the game properly would know Francis was having trouble with his hip/thigh.


My favourite game

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Just looked like cramping. Very common in the early rounds.


Ambrose has a physical presence that can put DeGoey off his game.

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Francis or De Goey?

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Gleeson is very close. I think he’s playing a full VFL match today.

How bad?

Thought it was just a cork…


He’s cooked

Francis copped a massive knee in the quad in the last quarter when he collided with a dees players.

Be a corky rather than a strain if I was to hazard a guess.

Wasn’t Ambrose going well on him last year in the return game until he got injured then De Goey cut loose when Ambrose went off?



From memory Stephenson was playing well early so we sent McKenna to him to shut him down and we had no one to go with degoey.

looked like some internal bleeding showed up pretty quickly, as they zoomed in on the telecast where he got hit and ad nice redish circle was there.

Redman should be close also.

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So a cork late and was getting some work on his hip/ thigh in the first half. Might be rested.

I’m going to put in a nomination for “cooked” being the most overused and typically unhelpful word in Blitz’s vocabulary.


You would say, but — seeing you’re cooked yourself.

Has to be “mediocrity”.

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