#10 St Francis of the Rising Star


Both were very good today.

The catch is that Francis seemed untroubled today…


So we’re to assume that he’s buggered his leg and he’s going back to Adelaide?


And he is taking Draper with him…




Is Adelaide giving us Fark Carlton’s first round pick as part of the this deal?

‘Cause it ain’t enough.


Struggled defensively in Round 1 and 3, yet was excellent in round 2.


If Petracca’s one on one contest against Francis was any indication - i wouldnt put him anywhere near De Goey.

Saad to Stephenson
McKenna to De Goey


Not worried at all about Francis on him in a one on one. That Petracca one was an anomaly, plus he had a huge fist of jumper.

On the lead is where he would struggle.


I love all the commentary around Petracca beating Hurley and Francis 1-1 and thus they can’t take DeGoey.

People know Petracca wants to win as well right?

Sometimes talented players win contests. In fact, it happens a lot… On the radio I heard Demons supporters calling for Petracca to be dropped.

So perhaps our defenders won our lion’s share of contests against him…


For some reason supporters think defenders should win every single one on one. If they let on slip through then all of a sudden they’re not up to it. It’s ridiculous. And you’re right, i was hanging out with some Melbourne supporters yesterday and they all want Petracca dropped. So they obviously saw it a little differently.


Any word on Francis?

Copped a couple of knocks but finished the game on the ground so it doesn’t sound like there’s a problem to keep him out of Saturday’s game but obviously he’s been pretty injury prone


You can get a “strain from a knock” though. I learned this recently.


At essendon a knock can be terminal


Huge if true


Aswell as Redman and Fanta.
In return the Crows will give us pick 82 and throw in David McKay as a sweetener


Do they still have Richard Tambling on their list? Throw him in with a 4th round pick and it’s a deal.


He’s kicked 2 goals in 3 weeks and looks lazy and unfit. They’d be right to drop him, lazy head wobbling ■■■■ needs a wake up call.


6 foot tall and almost 100 kegs. Not what you want from a professional athlete.


Real too content with where he’s at. It’s funny, all the talk has been about how May turned up in shocking condition… nothing about how the Dees prized Pick 2 who should be in fat camp.


Petracca is built like a tank.