#10 St Francis of the Rising Star


186 - so over 6’1” - and 96kg

Begley is 189 (just over 6’2”) and 97kg…


Perracca isn’t fat.

He is just a fkn unit.

He has tree trunks for legs and his chest is the size of a rhinos.

He will never be 85kg.


So an extra kilo for every 3 centimetres?
And Begley is known as Fridge, possibly for a reason.

Would it be better if we just referred to Petracca as ‘chillybin’?



He should aim to be a better runner, though.


The difference is that Begs doesn’t have an ounce of fat on his frame and Petracca looks like Jim Belushi.

Also, from reports, Fridge isn’t sitting at 97kg any more.


You beauty! He’ll be able to “go to around the grounds” for us.


He has clearly been eating from the same trough as Adam Saad has


Have a look above dude!


100% agree with you there


Can’t you just let me enjoy picking on him? I was obviously being silly. But he is in better shape than i thought. Is that a recent photo?


The Obesity brothers!!

Pair of fat fks they are :laughing:


I remember watching Franklin vs Ryder, many years ago. Hawthorn cleared the whole forwardline out, so it was one-on-one.
Franklin kicked 10(?). But I remember leaving the game, thinking that Ryder actually did pretty well and there wasn’t much more he could do considering he had no support from his team mates or coach. He won 50% of the marking contests.

I jumped on this forum and everyone was unloading on Ryder. I thought it was harsh.


If blitz was around when John Coleman playing I’m sure even he would have copped abuse.

You are only as good as your last possession on blitz.


His last possession most weeks was probably a goal. I get the feeling it would have been donnington style x 100 people.




@Alan_Noonan_10 had some critical words to say about Coleman’s ball drop. He also gave Arthur Cleghorn a spray for going goalless in the 1898 final.


Just trying to make his eyeball’s implode.


I’m glad he’s mellowed in old age :blush:


Fat ■■■■ :smiley:

You get the feeling petracca would have been a champion pre 1990s but unfortunately he seems to blow up too quickly for modern AFL

Still early in his career I suppose, but they did think they were getting the second coming of Garry Lyon and it looks like they have ended up with a Leigh Brown level talent


Too much Petracca in the Francis thread for mine, or is it that other way around?