#10 St Francis of the Rising Star


They make for an interesting comparison actually… One has got himself fit and is now poised to dominate his position. The other isn’t fit enough to move into the position he should be playing in.


Are you saying Francis is poised to dominate his position?

I reckon it’s guessing at this stage to suggest that Francis is fitter than Petracca


While Francis is much much much fitter than he was, he is still less fit than his opposition in my opinion.

Working hard with more work to do I reckon.


He’s a hell of a lot fitter than he was 18mths ago. Petracca most definitely is not. He’s a lazy head wobbler.


He better be out rested and not dropped.


He’s drested.


And Myers has been bincluded.


I’m no fan of Ambrose at all and would much prefer Francis be in, but on current form Ambrose has been better this year in my opinion. Francis certainly not playing as well as he did at the end of last year so far.


Reading the team selection article, Woosha did say that he gets a chance to “freshen up” for the North game, so I’d say it’s more being rested than being dropped. Probably won’t play VFL by the sound of that…


VFL have a bye this week don’t they?


VFL have the bye I thiink


There isn’t vfl this weekend, we have the bye. Sounds like rested… but why wouldn’t you say?


Has looked tired, getting his match fitness still young and hasn’t had a full string of games in ever, needs a rest


Yeah. Important to manage his workload whilst his body gets up to the rigours of senior footy week-in week-out…


Whoosha hates Francis


If he is sore or been rested why didn’t they put managed or rested?


Dropping one of our most talented players who gives everything is a really dumb move Essendon.

It’s players like Francis I pay money to go see!


We know he was sore/injured last week and clearly impeded.

Not sure anything more need be read into it.


I’m beginning to suspect that perhaps the VFL team has a bye this week.


There is a VFL Bye this week, but they don’t say which date it is on…