#10 St Francis of the Rising Star


What about the reserves tho?


I heard Essendon went into round 1, and ate all of the percentage, and they had to close round 2.


Note sure if you’ve popped over to the Ess Bris thread lately, but there is an interesting post in there about a possible reason for his omission. Not saying it’s true and will let people read it for themselves rather than spreading it but makes sense if true.


Even if he is rested, I don’t see who he comes in for next week.


I did see the comment but I’m not really that interested.

May be true or may not.

Not really any of my business.


Nor mine but if it’s true then it gives answers and you now know why “one of our most talented players who gives everything” has been dropped. Our business our not I would have thought it extremely relevant.


It would be relevant if it proved to be true.

In this case it can’t be so I don’t think it’s worth discussing.

These rumours can quickly become fact.


Didn’t see it, got a post no. Or can someone pm me?


Agreed they can. Won’t discuss it any further-just thought it worth pointing out in a safe environment of like minded folk as a lot of people are asking questions and find both omissions strange.


Don’t want anything to brew here but presumably he’s heard from a sauce of his that a certain night went a little too off tap.

Not sure it’s anything particularly sensitive.


Can we stop giving airtime to that ■■■■■?


Apparently Francis and Guelfi drank a beer with Joey.


Rutten’s new defensive strategy is so complicated, our players are turning to the bottle.


Gary Lyon and Jonathan Brown are staggered that Francis has been dropped…Lyon suggesting they should play him up forward as we are not stacked there at this minute. How the ■■■■ does someone outside our club have more creativity and tactical awareness than our coaching entourage.


Absolutely he should and could play forward.


Previously posted that Francis was poor in Round 1 and Round 3, though he was good in Round 2 - It’s still a surprising decision, though at least Hurley won’t be blamed for another’s failings.


Harden up, it’s round 4! How many seasons does he get to become AFL fit? Wish you were my boss.


Young players can be a bit inconsistent.

That is not grounds for being dropped, its all part of the “learnings”.

Players like the big Red Fella need to be stuck with, not dropped. He has just too much talent.

i am far from impressed with how we manage and develop our young players, I hope we dont treat Francis like we have Langford. Must wreck their confidence.


It’s a frustration for fans who see a young kid with potential and they are in and out of the side. Sheedy did it. Knights did it. Hird didn’t get a good chance to do it.
But as fans we don’t know the whole story. But coaches can also get it wrong.


There is no way Woosha has dropped Francis and Guelfi for disciplinary reasons.
Hates playing the young blokes, Redman is just an aberration. A smokescreen.