#10 St Francis of the Rising Star


Ranga’s I think you’ll find (bye, bye Corgie).

And fair enough too I say.


Not that I’m a fan of Francis not playing, but surely you’re not endorsing either Lyon or Brown.
cough…risking death by ironing It’s easy to shout from the sidelines.


Yes, and ANZAC day in 2 weeks.
We play funny buggers with resting/not-really-dropping this time most years. Guys get “dropped” not to play VFL, and then get picked over someone who did play the following week.

I don’t think we necessarily get it right but it must be an absolute nightmare for the coaches, made even worse with the 2 x VFL byes in a row to start the year.


Timmy is furious.



Either tell us why he has been dropped or say that he is being rested.

Don’t have it two ways by saying ‘he is omitted but we are resting him to come back against North’. And then the old ‘oh match ups dont suit’ like he said when Ridley was dropped v St Kilda.

Unbelievable and you just wonder why we go nowhere with decisions like dropping Francis and playing Zack Clarke. Yes different positions but Francis would be infinitely times more effective up forward that that flapper clarke


Pretty sure he got injured last week, unsure of why they’re not reporting it.


Maybe not injured. But definitely not fit enough to see the game out. They’re just giving him a week off. Probably a good week to do it because Brisbane are a lot faster than Melbourne.


He did cop a couple of knocks but played out the game. If he’s injured then don’t say omitted and don’t list him an emergency otherwise we all get frustrated about the mixed messaging


He didn’t actually say that he will be coming back against North.

He said he will be available for selection.

That means he can still be playing VFL upon return.


Gary Lyon knows his stuff…Jonathan Brown knows a thing or 2 about forward types. I think Gary Lyon is one of the smarter type commentators.


Ambrose played better than him last week. You have to reward form.


Lyon has dodged every approach to coach for over a decade.
I think if you’re going to do that you should stick to pure commentating and leave the opinion to others.

Don’t rate either of them.


his football mind is elite and has nothing to do with coaching or not.


Has a lot to do with other things you need to coach.


Im going on pure footbal mind and he is one of the better logical strategic thinkers… if your listening to him during a game he is always a step ahead with suggesting moves unlike our coach who is a dunsky with making the quick moves when needed.


He is one of our best pure footballers Francis.

He has 200 plus game written all over him and am genuinely surprised he isnt in the 22 this week. Or any week he is fully fit to be honest.


Yeah true. Lets reward zack clarke’s amazing game last week by playing him again this week


And how do his hypothetical moves work out for him?


Because he doesn’t want to coach, he isn’t entitled to opinions on footy?


I don’t think it’s in the best interest that the club or coach explain to the public why Francis isn’t playing this week.
You can’t communicate to fans/ members without it getting to the media and public.
From what I saw over preseason was that he’s fitness was way behind his teammates and i’d assume that’s the main reason. It won’t surprise me if he has a rest a few times this year.