#10 St Francis of the Rising Star




Plus there would be no right justification for a lot of the people here.


Of course he is.
I don’t think people should talk about what an awesome coach he’d be with his ideas for positional changes and so on when he’s bottled it for over a decade.

Wouldn’t have him or Brown within a million miles of the club, personally.
Of course, this is just my opinion.


But to be fair wimmera I have also dodged any possible AFL senior coaching appointments but am still full of opinions.


Is that entirely true?


Careful, your not allowed to give someone in the media a wrap unless they’ve played for EFC.


Surely he’s out the door come seasons end. If Woosha has more faith in Ambrose then I cannot begrudge him one bit. All other 17 clubs will acknowledge his talent and how good he was playing late 2018

Out of contract too so can go for nothing


Its OK.
It makes sense.
Day game.
Got to keep him out of direct sun.
He needs more melanin.


Max predicted UV index of 4 tomorrow, and dropping to 2 after 2:20.



Probably on a par with the case of Nobby Testical.


Looks like another happy clapper defense of the club we can put to bed.

he was fit for selection but they just didn’t go with him.


Francis has the ability to also play as a forward and with Daniher and Shaun McKernan (hamstring) both injured, there was some suggestion the 21-year-old could be used in attack.

Richardson said that option was considered.

“Some discussion at match committee did take place on it,” he said.

"I think Cale coming into the side, he gives you that option as well to play forward or back.

“Aaron hasn’t trained at all as a forward over summer, so we’ve decided the way we’ve gone is a better option.”


Oh well no baby gloves.

He’s in his 4th year, the challenge is to be better than Ambrose. We’re not asking him to be better than Rance just be better than a rookie we picked up from the ammos. If he’s going to be a champion surely he’s up to the challenge of displacing Ambrose.


Francis has been swapped forward heaps of times especially at VFl level, what a ■■■■ excuse


Its hard to tell if you are taking the p1ss or not?


Not taking the pizz this time.

Ambrose was better than him last week.


You realise there are other factors to consider?

Why is it that you are assuming it was Ambrose he was competing with?

They have totally different roles.


Bold move to drop Hurley.


Would like to see him play every week, but he had two separate physical issues last week. I’m okay with his body getting some rest this week, even if he was actually omitted, trapped inside a warp containment field, asleep in a field full of flowers, or temporarily shrunk to a very small size as a result of his encounter with Petraccasaurus.


So let me get this straight then.

Francis wont come back into the side until either Ambrose or Hurley are omitted?

Barring injury of course.

Yeah, nah. You play young talent no matter what.


He’s not?

We’ve been playing three KPD’s. Hooker came in one had to go out. Ambrose or Francis was the choice.