#10 St Francis of the Rising Star


Or he could have played elsewhere…


2nd ruck? Nope

Hard running CHF? Nope

Eject Ridley from HBF? Not this time

I’m pro- Francis, an actually was all for him playing fwd when we first got him as 3rd tall which Stringer now has.

But in a week when we already playing a barely part time fwd up there in Clarke (or Belly) who will be playing from goal square, to have another very inexperienced one there would be counter productive to us winning the game IMO


Can we just the title of this page to: Francis - dropped, not rested


Why is that some weeks you justify changes by saying that the changes are like for like and then other times you justify it by saying they must want extra run or more height, etc…

You can have any formation that you actually like. There are no hard rules that a player has to be like for like and nor should there be.

When we start putting wins on the board each year and we start winning finals then the selection committee will start getting some respect.


If Francis get get a game anywhere on the field in this current side he really needs to have a chat to his manager


In starting to not like Richardson.


You said he’s not competing with Ambrose.
I assumed you meant Hurley.


Remember last week how we so happy to have a stay-at-home clunking full-forward (who wasn’t TIPPA)?



You know what they say about assuming…


Well don’t be coy.


I’m a bit worried about making the assumption that I assume would be the correct conclusion to this.


Just on that, do you think we didn’t need more height against a taller Brisbane forward line? I think Hooker is needed back for his height and strength. If that wasn’t the case, then i’d say play Hooker forward and Franga back. He wasn’t going to push out Hurls. I don’t think he should be playing forward.

Or would you leave out Ambrose? Or Ridley? Apologies if you’ve already answered this.


Flaming Stupid.


Who knows whether we need more height?

I saw Zlarke get outmarked by a guy half his size last week.

I alos witnessed both Belly and Zlarke get beaten by Gawn and in Bellys case get beaten each week he’s played.

It’s easy for some to sit back and justify the clubs choices even though the results aren’t or shouldn’t be reflecting any such confidence in them.

The talented young players are the future of this club and I don’t think its an unfair expectation that they play considering it was the "experienced’ players that let us down at the start of last year and it was the experienced players that let us down again so far this year.


Didn’t he get thrown forward in round 1??

Another bull s h i t excuse


You didn’t answer my question though. I just gave my opinion on what i thought looked right. I wanted yours. How would you re-shuffle to fit him in? Hooker forward and a smaller defence?


Yep. They put him forward because nobody down there could take a mark. He kicked a goal too.


Smartest move a person could do imo

Get paid more in the media for none of the responsibility and you receive no scrutiny whatsoever. And it leaves more time for affairs of the heart, perhaps too much time.


Play him forward instead of Brown.


Fair enough. I don’t like him forward.