#10 St Francis of the Rising Star


They always work out because 5 minutes later after what he said the coach of that team does exactly what he suggests and guess what…it changes the game’s direction for the positive.


They obviously want to play 2 ruckman as they have no faith in Bellchambers, so they play Zlarke forward instead of Hooker (or Franga)

So, Hooker comes straight back into the defence and as they prefer Ambrose’s lockdown, it forces Francis out.

With Zlarke playing FF, Francis doesn’t have the tank to play CHF, so Brown comes in.

Of course if Draper came in for Bellchambers then Zlarke might not be so necessary.


I don’t either but if I had my way Zlarke or Myers would not be playing and then we could accommodate more medium sized players like Francis.

For mine we are too tall.

The mistake that this club has continually done in the last ten years is overrate our chances and play experienced players over young players expecting that;s going to improve results.

It doesn’t.

People keep saying that Francis is out for team balance but barring injury that means he is out for good because we just don’t drop older players.

I’m just waiting for Ridley to be dropped after one poor game because that’s exactly how we do things at our club.


Essendon philosophy in a nutshell 2004 - 2019


Did some good things up forward vs gws


All i know is Id be surprised if Francis wants to hang around at a club where players like Zac Clarke and Patrick Ambrose are getting a game before him. same as Darcy Parish.

The mentality of some of our coaches is so dog ■■■■.


Am I right in saying there is no VFL this week? So Francis has a week off to prepare for busy Anzac week perhaps.




Hardly busy.

6 day break to North Melb
6 day break to Collingwood


That is ridiculous positioning from the club.

You’ve literally just told Aaron that he’s viewed solely as a defender and is fourth choice for that role anyway. Or even seventh or 8th if you extend it to the entire backline and bench.

This is (arguably) the best raw talent on the list.

I’m gobsmacked. Do they want him to walk?

It’s not like we’re reigning premiers with too many top notch players! This isn’t Patty Ambrose, who has one strength and one position. This is a kid that can play multiple positions and read the ball all over the ground.

If a fit Aaron Francis isn’t worthy of some role in the 22 of a side that is trying to build towards elite - as opposed to already being there - then we’re morons. Oh, he hasn’t trained as a forward!!? FFS, his versatility and competitiveness is a large part of why Dodoro and Keane rated him

Losing faith quickly in this footy department.


Exactly right. And people don’t think that a guy like him (talent) who is out of contract at the end of the year won’t want to leave after being told he is 4th in line behind Ambrose and not good enough as a forward to replace Zack Clarke or Mitch Brown.



Ignorance is Blitz.


It’s even worse when you consider they keep giving games to a Clarke, Brown etc, who have shown for a decade they are barely AFL players.



Mitch Brown is a fine player, it’s not about deriding him or others.

But we must be a ■■■■■■ good footy side if Francis isnt in our best 22. And he sure as hell hasn’t been our worst player in rounds 1-3.

It’s a bizarre selection choice, and I don’t think Richardson’s comments help explain it. Both SA clubs will be circling, though.


Does that add up?
Francis for Myers, would add 2cm to our height (if that mattered).


Stop defending Myers Deckham its becoming ridiculous.

Next thing you will be endorsing his “Most improved” award last year.


but if you think about it, he did improve so…


We went through this last season. There was a collective questioning and frustration about what the club was doing with Francis. Begging them to pick him. How we would lose the kid. etc. I include myself in that chorus. They did pick him and he settled in well.

I/We don’t know what’s going on with Francis and why he was dropped. But from what was said in the threads yesterday it was suggested it’s not straightforward.

The thing is the club know Francis a lot better than any of us do. They’ve had to deal with him and help him through his personal issues, and it seems they have done that very well. It would be fair to say they have his best interests at heart. So whatever is going on, and if it’s a complicated matter, then I reckon the club have some credits in the bank to say they know how to deal with it.


Does anyone really care about this. I couldn’t name a single other winer. Completely meaningless.