#10 St Francis of the Rising Star


You know when one of the most measured, more respected posters reacts badly to the changes that they are probably sh*t changes

That, or sal is just a GLOOMER now


But I haven’t said anything.


Defend him?
He’s not a criminal, mate.
He’s just a player you tirelessly bag out.


Who’s getting tired?


It’s almost like people on here want the club to come out & say ‘Aaron & Matt were on the turps earlier in the week & have been disciplined’.

Or he was a bit sore from last week, so he has been rested.

Either reasons give other players/supporters reason to sledge or ammunition to throw at them. Best leave the real reason in house, & keep us all in the dark. I’d prefer us not to hang out our dirty washing.

Who GAF what the reason is, let’s just hope he’s back next week, that’s all I’ll say on the subject.




You don’t have a leg to stand on.


If there is one thing I have to stand on is a leg.


To be fair to Myers he’s not a terrible player but taking into account who has been dropped this year and who gets promoted there is a pretty obvious trend.

As mentioned so many times we aren’t in a position to continually use the “experience” tag as an excuse when they are the players letting us down.

They did it last year and now they have been poor again to begin the year.


thank me later


If Bellchambers wasn’t so awful, then Clarke may have been dropped (and probably not selected in the first place).


It’s not like Francis is slow, he has the burst speed and power like stringer. We will bring in the Queen Mary in Myers and Hooker who is slow, Brown who might put the kms down but is also slow.

Francis provides us way more option should plan a not work. You can throw him forward, and at least he will get metres on his opponent and contested mark.

If he was fit he should be playing.




They’ve essentially given Francis’ 3rd tall spot to Hurley, whilst Ambrose and Hooker play as stoppers.

I like Ridley, but surely Francis would be better in the same role - which if I’m not mistaken was the same role Francis was playing late last year?


Yeah/nah. Totally disagree, and in fact what we’ve publically said is just about the worst option.

No matter what the “real” reason is - if it’s ‘complicated’ or 'off field ’ etc - we had the perfect story to not raise eyebrows.

“Aaron was a bit banged up last week, a bit sore, and whilst he thinks he’s right to go, and we think he could ultimately play if needed , we think it’s best with two short turnarounds coming up that he rest this week”.

That would not have created any ammunition, any angst at all. In fact, it’s what I’d assumed all week when doubts arose about him playing. And if we WERE trying to cover a discipline or complicated matter, his clear soreness last week was manna from heaven to avoid any scurrilous talk.

Instead, whilst Woosha suggested he needed a rest, Richardson has just publicly made it about team balance and form.

And I’m pondering on this - over summer when the coaches would have sketched out what our ideal setup looked like, would Francis really have been 25/26th player? Did we always envisage that if Hooker, Hurls, Paddy were fit then Francis was out? Surely not, but if so wouldn’t we have looked at his forward ability as well? But he didn’t train as a forward at all?

I don’t understand this. Of course, I don’t have any right to understand this, I’m just a fan outside the club. But it seems very wrong. And whatever the real reason, we threw out a very reasonable excuse and made it about something it need not have been. It’s now on the public record that we think we can’t fit him in the side this week. A stupid thing to say imo, even if we think it’s true!


Nah Francis was third tall late last year after they realised that Hartley and Ambrose weren’t up to it. Ambrose partly due to injury


That’s how I see it.


I 100% had Francis over Ambrose in pre-season.

But Ambrose kept McDonald their best forward to zero goals, 1 mark and 5 possessions in a team that scored 100 points. He didn’t deserve to be dropped.


Not saying he did - I’m a big fan -and that wasn’t my point.


I suppose a lot depends on whether we see him come straight back in next week.